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A Day at the Beach in Varna

It was a scorchingly hot Wednesday in the Eastern reaches of Bulgaria. My girlfriend and I had spent the previous couple of days at the popular tourist town Golden Sands and had returned to Varna to meet up with her family and spend the afternoon at the beach. I had already discovered the previous day that the Black sea was not in-fact Black and was pretty much the same colour as any other sea – The Yellow Sea and Red Sea included. However, I had the discovered it to be rather nice and very much enjoyed catching some sun as it waves lapped against the sand. Therefore, I was keen to enjoy more.

My girlfriend explained to me that we would not go to the central area of Varna because the beach could get very busy during the summer and that because of this it could be rather dirty – apparently the locals were not so concerned about the fate of their garbage as they could be. She added that they preferred an area to the north of the city that was far less busy and much cleaner. When we arrived I began to see how busy Varna can get in the summer because what they considered to be 'less crowded' was still very busy by most standards – I shuddered to think what it would have been like in the centre of the town.

When we had visited Golden Sands the previous day, the beach was flat and white, but covered in the parasols of hotels and beach clubs. We actually found it remarkably difficult to claim ourselves a piece of virgin sand. In the end, we found ourselves closer to the road than to the water. In Varna, it was not quite so bad, but we had step around several towels before we could find some space. However, when we did, it was wonderful. The sand was warm and golden and the sun was beautiful. The beach wa salso pleasantly free of people trying to sell you sunglasses, a massage, a jet-ski ride or Tequila shots as had been the case at Golden Sands.

The one downside to the beach in the north-end of Varna was the absence of facilities. There were no showers, there were no changing rooms and there were few places to get any refreshments. The only place to change was a small metal booth that looked like a 1950s phone-booth and was less than clean. However, we managed to bumble our way through and had a very nice afternoon. I laid on our towel and finished reading Don Delillo's rather disappointing novel White Noise on my Kindle (The digital sleeve notes said 'hilarious'; it wasn't) whilst my girlfriend and her cousin relaxed by floating in the rather clam and very warm water.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my trip to the beach in Varna. It was very nice and extremely clean. Despite the lack of facilities we spent a very enjoyable afternoon.

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