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Ice cream hunting near the Baltic Sea

After our Ale Ryba! experience in Kolobrzeg, we decided to call it a day with regards to looking for good fish and chips. They tend to lure you in with the deadly combination of fish and deep fried batter but the taste rarely lives up tot he smell and it's certainly not the cheapest food. The closest we got to another fish experience was during a visit along Kolobrzeg's sea front.

From the port, we walked past the vendors stood at stalls of sunglasses and souvenirs and up to a promenade near the beach. The promenade contains book stalls and performers and on the left was a street performer playing a hurdy-gurdy whilst to the right there were some tables and seats overlooking the sea, we sat outside the ice cream parlour that served a so-called "American" style ice cream from a machine, in England we would call it "Mr. Whippy".

The neighbouring restaurant served up fish and chips and the seats seemed to be shared between the two restaurants. As I frantically licked my melting ice cream to avoid as little of it going on the floor as possible, I glanced over my shoulder, eyeing up my neighbours meal. A brawny looking fella tucked into the most humongous portion of fish, chips and what is known as "surowka" in Poland and basically amounts to various kidns of cabbage. As I coveted his meal, I very nearly ordered one myself but recalled my previously disappointing experience and made do with the ice cream.

The best ice cream experience in the neighbour in my opinions is to be found in Mrzezyno. Mrzezyno is a short drive along the coast from Kolobrzeg. After briefly passing Grzybowo and the long, busy resort of Dwirzyno, the road becomes bumpier and you arrive in the picturesque, quiet village of Mrzezyno.

Mrzezyno has a bypass that takes a lot of the cars away from it and gives it a secluded feel. At the end of the town, you come to a small junction with a little car park and a road going up a hill to the village's tiny harbour. Opposite the car park, is a small ice cream parlour that serves delicious and affordable ice cream. It's well worth the visit providing the weather is nice, it's an idyllic location to have a stroll and ice cream.

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