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Green County's Amish Community

Hwy 104 - Entering Amish Country Photo, Monroe, Wisconsin

I'm glad that I picked up a copy of the Green County Visitor Guide during my last trip to Monroe as I had no idea that they had an Amish community near Monroe. While not as large or visible as others I've visited, I did enjoy my drive between Albany and Brodhead where their farms and businesses are located about 20 minutes from Monroe.

As with other areas with Amish populations, your first indication you are approaching their community is the large yellow road sign on State Hwy 104. As you drive the two or three mile section of this highway, you will pass just a couple of Amish farms that are visible from the road. Unlike other Amish farms that I've seen, the only way you may be able to identify them as "Amish" is by the familiar black buggy in the front yard or gravel driveway.

It appeared to me that the farms in this area were largely worked by non-Amish farmers as evidenced by the farm equipment seen or how the corn had been harvested (clearly not by hand). That said, perhaps the order of Amish in this area are a newer order and therefore using newer technology and equipment.

In the Green County Visitor Guide, they note four Amish businesses that are open to the public: Detweiler Kauffman Furniture, Detweiler's Bulk Foods, Kuntry Krafts and the Country Lane Bakery & Brodhead Harness Shop.

During my drive through the community, I did find my way to the bakery. With family in from out of town, buying some homemade pies and dinner rolls seemed to be a good idea. Once inside the bakery building, I was surprises at all of the baked goods available for purchased. I ended up buying a large cherry pie and two smaller pies . . . pumpkin and apple. They also had blueberry and pecan pies in both large & small sizes.

Their prices were very good. Pies were $8 (large) and $4 (small). The package of 12 dinner rolls was $2.50. Once home, everyone enjoyed all of the bakery delights that I brought home!

If you are planning a trip to Monroe and considering a side trip to the Country Lane Bakery, be aware that they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays (8:00am to 6:00pm). Interestingly, the visitors' guide indicates that you can "call Mary" at the bakery if you are interested in ordering authentic homemade Amish dinners as a catering option for your special event. So it would appear that if they are using telephones, this Amish community may be of newer order, as noted above.

As I left the bakery, I passed their large farmhouse where the laundry was hanging to dry. On the clothesline were towels, bedding and other white items. Adjacent to that was a chain clothesline strung between two trees, with a number of ladies' dresses. The assortment of blues, purples, maroons and pinks was beautiful even if their design was simple.

I did happen upon the Amish school at the corner of Highway 104 and Atkinson Road. Unlike other Amish schools that I've seen, this one had a sign above the entrance with the school's name . . . Clear View School. Like others I've seen, however, there was a large playground. The bicycle rack was filled with bikes that the children had rode to school that morning.

The only horse & buggy I encountered during my two trips coming and going through the area was around mid-afternoon. An older gentleman was driving the open cart buggy, with a young woman holding a very small baby that was bundled up in a yellow blanket. Not sure where they were going or where they had come from for that matter. I was just happy to see them going about their day.

As for as Amish communities go, this one is really tucked away and not very visible from the roads. I think many of their houses are well off the road, therefore making them practically invisible to those passing by. If in the area, it is worth the effort to drive through, but I would not suggest making it a "destination" or special trip if you're not already going to be in Green County. I know I'm glad that I did make the effort to detour from my usual Milwaukee to Monroe routing to see what I might see.

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