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Essaouira Fishing Port

Fishing Boat Essaouira Photo, Essaouira, Morocco

The Essaouira Fishing Port isn't exactly a tourist attraction, and we were rather anxious not to get in anyone's way as fisherman and traders marched backwards and forwards across the quay in the blistering sunshine.

Even the cats are working hard not to miss any stray bit of small fish lobbed from a tray of catch by the men. It seems that Morocco folk appreciate the vermin catching ability of their cats and so don't begrudge them a small portion of the catch. While I love cats, the fish on the floor can make for a rather slippery moment underfoot, so as well as avoiding bumping into or disrupting the workers we also had to keep an eye out underfoot.

The workers don't particularly appreciate having their photographs taken as they are pulling in their nets and putting their catch onto the quay, so you need to make sure you are discrete. One good way to get some shots of the activities at the port is to visit the nearby historic fort for 10 Dirham (approximately $1). The fort walls overlook the fishing port meaning that you get something of a bird’s eye view.

One interesting part are the food stalls; we watched one busy cook barbeque fish after fish partly for sale immediately to passersby, and also I presume to local families and restaurants in the town. If you don't want to chance your arm at the local stalls (although food is prepared and cooked freshly and quickly), there is a restaurant at the port. We didn't dine there as my beloved was poorly, but I can't imagine a much more convenient location for fresh fish than here.

It is also worth taking a look at the tired old rusting ships that the fishermen put their faith into each and every day. Essaouira is quite a windy city and the Atlantic Ocean is not a kindly soul so rather them than me.

The fishing port area is just a small area which can be walked through in 5 minutes between Essaouira Harbour and the Seafront beloved of surfers and sun lovers.

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