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Our disappointing trip to the illuminations 2012

Last month my friend and I made our way to Blackpool for the day with the intention of heading to the arcades, having some tea and then driving through the illuminations. The illuminations are on from September until early November I believe in Blackpool and they are a series of lights which fill the whole promenade and are usually nice to look at when the nights are dark.

As we walked down the promenade in Blackpool there were of course people around selling the flashing toys which are always so popular in Blackpool around the time of the illuminations and whilst people do walk down the road trying to sell these to people in their cars we decided to purchase them from the street and were charged a very reasonable three pounds each for them. Had we purchased them off someone on the road they would have been at least five pounds and so we were happy with our savings.

After we had eaten our tea we got back in the car to drive down through the illuminations and we soon found that the traffic was pretty much at a stand still as we tried to make our way through them. Whilst we know that the traffic is usually bad during the illuminations and worse at a weekend this was the worst that we had ever seen it. What was frustrating was one side of the road seemed to be moving a little better but as we tried to make our way to that side the other side of the road cleared and again we were stuck in stand still traffic. If drivers would just drive at a nice slow pace through the lights instead of stopping there would be so many less issues like this and I do think it is something that Blackpool Council need to look at and perhaps make provisions for.

We were able to make our way towards Blackpool Pleasure Beach to see the Nickelodeon themed illuminations which were characters from SpongeBob squarepants and Dora the Explorer and so the children were pleased with them but we turned round just after these to try and make our way back towards the Tower end of Blackpool and so we had basically to see the same lights we had seen before and as the traffic was so bad it took us over an hour and a half to do this and it was 10pm and the children were exhausted so we had to call it off as a bad job which was such a shame.

There are some lovely lights in Blackpool during the illuminations and the moving ones down past the tower are lovely to look at each year. I love how the Tower is lit up and changes colour and whilst it is a little bit tacky it is a nice traditional thing to do with your family but the traffic problems just make it a nightmare. Whilst we could have left the car on a car park and walked through the lights we felt our children were too small to do this as it is a massive walk to get through all of the lights and so we are hoping to visit again before the lights are shut off and see if we have a better experience. I would say if your child is in a buggy to walk through the lights as it will make your life a lot easier but you will need to wrap up warm as it is always freezing by the sea!

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