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The best walk in Pudong

Pudong Photo, Shanghai, China

There is something fascinating about a big wide river separating two sides of a city. In Shanghai the River Huangpu is one of those rivers. Having walked along both sides of the river I think I prefer the eastern side with the Pudong skyline and the majestic views across to the Bund.

The day we slowly strolled on the promenade was a very hot day and we were both gasping for a drink. There are several cafes positioned in pefrect spots so that you can sit out and look out across the water at the ships and cruisers but we wanted to walk the whole length of the riverside so opted for a bottle of water each. There are brightly coloured kiosks and vehicles with serving counters selling soft drinks and light snacks. We passed on the snacks even though they looked appetising. I thought they would only make us more thirsty as most of the snacks were coated with sesame seeds.

Not far from the Luijiazui Road Metro stop stands the sci-fi looking Oriental Pearl TV, a really way out edifice that I love very much. I was told that it is a building that half of the city love and the other half dislike it. I found it a bit off putting standing in front of the tower and at times I kept looking up at this giant sized obelisk rather than looking at what was going on across the water or in front of me.

I noticed that quite a few Chinese held parasols to shield the hot sun from the top of their heads. These were very pretty, frilly umbrellas emblazoned with decorative motifs explaining Chinese legends. The pace was slow on the riverside promenade, people were taking it easy. I liked the atmosphere, it was calm and relaxing.

The picture of boats on the river was a jolly one, strange semi-circular boats with three decks, the two bottom decks were closed in and the top deck was open so tourists could stand on the top and wave to people on the promenade. The sign at the top of the boat was bright red, highlighted with yellow Chinese characters and symbols.

We walked on to Fenghe Road past the museum dedicated to everything creepy and hairy.I'm talking about spiders and insects, the museum is full of wild insects. My husband freaks at the tiniest of spiders so I didn't even ask if he wanted to visit. I should imagine this place is great for kids.

I hadn't really studied the map on this day so just carried on walking. We came to Riverside Park and it is here where we were able to get some fantastic views of the Bund. I know the Bund wasn't too far away from our hotel and we did see the buildings close up but from across the river the scene was different and very special. After a three hour walk we were both ready for an ice cream, a double helping at that.

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