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Shark alert Photo, Alton, England

Alton Towers is well known in the UK for its extreme and thrilling roller coasters. These are the ones we especially enjoyed during our day out there.

In Forbidden Valley they have the newest ride at Alton Towers - new this year - Nemesis Sub Terra. We headed straight here when the park opened. The queues get really long, even at 9.45 before the ride opened, there was a long line, but we joined it and did not have a bad waiting time. They describe it as a psychological thrill. It is not a roller coaster and the ride part itself is not that scarey, but the build up, theming and pre-ride experience really seemed to shake up just about everybody. It takes place "deep underground" and involves the hatching of an alien egg. I will not give any more away, but this is definitely a scarey ride. They recommend children do not enter - some people ignored this and their kids were definitely upset and very shaken up!

Close to this is the Nemesis roller coaster. Again come here early and the lines are not too bad. It is an inverted roller coaster and gives you a real adrenaline boost - you do come off feeling shakey. You experience several G-forces and it is a thrill.

Next we tried the roller coaster called Air. This is a bit different to any we had ridden on before. You actually hang beneath the track with your arms in front of you. It is meant to be like flying. The coaster swoops down to the ground and then back up to the sky. It is a really different and fun experience.

In the X Sector section of the park, you can't miss Oblivion. It drops you vertically into a small hole in the ground. It is quite a short ride, but not short on thrills and very intense. You climb slowly up the steep hill, then they hold you at the top, just perched over the edge where you can see the hole in the ground. After a few seconds, a voice booms, "Don't Look Down!" and then they drop you vertically into the tunnel under the ground at full speed.

Rita Queen of Speed is in the Dark Forest area. This is a really fast roller coaster with sharp turns. You go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds and lose your breath with the speed. The beginning and launching of this roller coaster is an incredible and powerful feeling.

Thirteen is also in this section of the park. They call this a psychocoaster. The ride part actually involves a vertical free fall, the theming here is excellent too - an ancient burial site, so a really scarey experience all round.

In Gloomy Wood, the thrills are a bit less intense, but everywhere you see tombstones, ghosts and eerie things. The Haunted House Dual Ride is quite good fun. It is an interactive ride - you shoot creepy targets with a laser as you ride through the house. The different scenes are very good.

We finished off our "extreme" day at the log flume. It is not really a thrill ride, but great fun and we all got soaking wet. This is the UK's longest water log flume type ride. The theming as you bump along is not that great - I think they could make it better. There are 3 drops - one is very steep and in utter darkness (the worst of all and it was quite unexpected) and then another steep drop at the end where you get absolutely soaked. This is great for children and adults.

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