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Magic & Memories on Our Last Day At Disney World

First Space Mountain Ride of the Day Photo, Orlando, Florida

For our last day, I had originally planned Magic Kingdom for the nighttime entertainment, the Main Street Electrical Parade, the Magic, the Memories, & You, and Wishes. But now I was having trouble deciding whether to return there, since we’d already done most of the rides or go back to Hollywood Studios, where all the wilder rides the kids loved were. I finally decided on Magic Kingdom. I really wanted them to see Main Street Electrical Parade. There are a few things I remember from my trip when I was little: waiting in a very long, hot line for Haunted Mansion, the treehouse, not liking the Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents, Small World, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the PeopleMover, Carousel of Progress, and sitting in a cinema on Main St watching old Mickey cartoons to cool off.
I also remember Spaceship Earth, Figment, Imageworks being way cooler, Captain EO, Living with the Land, a show about eating good food, Universe of Energy (pre-Ellen), and the countries. Ok, so I remember a lot more than I thought, but I came home with tons of very dark, very blurry pictures from my kid Kodak camera of the Main St Electrical parade. I wanted my kids to see it as much I wanted to see it again.
So, we were off to Magic Kingdom rope drop again. We headed into Tomorrowland to grab fastpasses for Space Mountain. The line was short so my husband & daughter went ahead & hopped on. Mom, my son, & I went on PeopleMover. My son was not happy about this arrangement, but he actually didn’t mind the ride once he did it. While we were on it, I saw Chip and Dale meeting "somewhere." At the start of the trip, I had purchased a 10 pack of postcards, pre-addressed & stamped them, and was having favorite characters of my kids’ friends and mine autograph them to send home. Chip was the last one we were waiting on for my daughter’s best friend and there was no line for him at the moment! When we got off, I went running around as best I could on my bad ankle (did I mention I broke my ankle in December & it’s never completely healed right so it was very swollen?). I finally found them and thankfully, there was still no line.

Next we rode AstroOrbiter, then went over to the Speedway, which I didn’t really want to do again but we were still waiting on my husband & daughter. About the time we got in line he texted me to say they were going again. Ok. They finished as we were getting in a car so I told him to take her on AstroOrbiter if it wasn’t a long line. He did then they met us at the Speedway for the fastpasses which they used to ride 2 more times. Mom, my son, & I went to do Buzz again. My son decided to go on his own and quickly realized he could use both blasters. Mom & I still look totally confused in our picture. I never could figure out that ride. I even hit a 100,000 point target at 1 point and couldn’t tell you what it was if my life depended on it!
Afterward, he spent a little time in the arcade at Space Mountain while we waited on my husband & daughter. A photopass photographer was actually hanging around in there, which surprised me but we got some cute photos of him.

Next, we did the Teacups, then got in line for Winnie the Pooh about 10:00 and said 20 minute wait. My husband went to go grab fastpasses for Peter Pan. Not a good time to get in line, of course because fastpass folks are showing up, so 20 minutes turned into 40. At least the kids had fun in the interactive line. Next, we headed to Peter Pan. Afterward, I went to the back of the castle to see if the Fairy Godmother was out. Instead, I saw the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade was coming around the hub and I could see Woody! My daughter didn’t feel like running down there so she stayed with Mom to do a little shopping but my husband, my son, & I ran through the rose path and across the bridge, found Woody’s float and danced our hearts out. I wish I had a picture of my son dancing but I was too busy dancing myself. When they shot the Mickey head confetti out, my son picked up at least 25 of them and asked me to keep them so that "when we forget about our trip to Disney World, we will have these to remember it by."
Afterward, we ate at Pinochio Village Haus. The boys were tired. My husband actually did laundry in the DVC laundry room for me the night before so I wouldn’t have to do it on Mother’s Day when we got home. So they went back to the resort for a nap and we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean and got in line to see Princess Tiana, the one person my daughter really wanted to see. We got the BEST pictures of them.

Afterward my daughter reminded me we were supposed to dance together on Main St so we did on our way to the monorail to head to 1900 Park Fare for dinner. After dinner, we took the monorail back to MK. I knew we could take the boat but my kids loved the monorail and we didn’t have many occasions to take it so we did any time we could. We did some shopping on Main St, pressed a million pennies, as we had throughout our trip. They more than halfway filled their pressed penny books. We saw the castle show again. Then my daughter wanted to do Splash Mountain but it was too long of a wait so Mom & I sat at Sleepy Hollow sharing a funnel cake while my husband took the kids to Tomorrowland. Gregory talked them into TTA which only this morning he thought was boring. Then they made the mistake of trying Stitch’s Great Escape. They said no one there liked it.
Meanwhile, I saved a spot right by the bridge and Sleepy Hollow refreshments for them to sit and watch the parade. I got them some popcorn and my husband & the kids watched the parade from there while mom & I sat at a table nearby. Afterward, they came to sit at the table with us and watch The Magic, the Memories, and You. I have to say that was my favorite show of the trip. It was just beautiful. Not the pictures so much but all the cool things they do to the castle. Then we walked across the bridge to Main St and there were places to squeeze in and watch the fireworks. What a great last night for our trip.
The next morning we get ready to leave. Sigh…

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