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Dead and devoid of character

Rogowo is one of the strangest seaside resorts I have ever been to, it's like a ghost town. First of all let me explain where the place is. It is a small resort on the Baltic Coast in western Pommerania, Poland, situated in between Dźwirzyno and Mrzeżyno and approximately 96 kilometres from Szczecin. We visited in August of this year and although we did see some people milling around, the place seemed pretty dead. Apart from Polish and a few German tourists it isn't generally visited by anyone else. I can't say I blame then, apart from the beach the rest of the place is non-de script.

When the tourists have all gone home the village goes back to its even sleepier state. I think there are just over 300 people living in Rogowo and the village was part of Germany until 1945. Driving through the main thoroughfare of the village very slowly because of the speed ramps I was able to view the properties situated on either side of the road. A lot of the complexes looked very new, built in a mock Tudor style. I wondered why on earth would anyone want to book an apartment in a place like this let alone stay in a hotel for a week of which there are at least three or four. There are also some weird complexes with fences and landscaped gardens which look very institutionalised. At first I thought they were retirement homes for the elderly; a place to retire to near the sea except I didn't see the sea at first. The beach and coast are a long walk from the main hub of the town. It turns out that these complexes are military hotels.

I mentioned the main hub of the town but really it is nothing to get excited about. There are a few souvenir shops selling tat, a supermarket, a couple of bars and restaurants and a small fairground.

The beach is definitely hidden and once you have walked through the back of the forest trail you come acquainted with another stretch of white sand and rolling waves of the Baltic Sea. This beach is an extension of the coastline that I visit every year and is very pretty.

Apart from sitting on the beach and taking in the fresh air, what else is there to do and why would anyone want to visit Rogowo for a holiday? My guess is, it is a good area for cycling and walking. I spotted different trails in the forest and on the opposite side of the road of the beach just before you enter the town there is a huge reservoir where people can walk around the edge or do a bit of fishing. There is a large parking area next to the reservoir so you don't have to worry where to leave your car.

I suppose if you want a break where you can be lazy, doing not much at all then this is the correct place to come to except the village doesn't have a lot of atmosphere and seems to me like it is a purpose built seaside resort. The weather here is pleasant with medium temperature ranges and always a light breeze; perfect for cycling and walking but not for swimming in the sea. Even in August it is a bit chilly.

That's all about I can tell you about Rogowo. It's not somewhere I will visit again as it is dead and devoid of character.

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