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First Day at MK-Celebrate a Dream Come True

Meeting Mickey & Minnie for the First Time Photo, Orlando, Florida

After checking in at Animal Kingdom Lodge and a quick lunch at the Mara quick service, we headed to Magic Kingdom for a little atmosphere and to see Cinderella’s Castle. No big plans today other than to not chase the rides since we were arriving so late on a Friday afternoon. From all my planning at easywdw.com, I knew the park would be packed. I had prepped the kids (& the grownups) for this & for no real rides, or so I thought.
We got to Magic Kingdom about 2:15. A cast member had hoola hoops for the kids to play with so the kids did that for a few minutes and we took a couple of pictures. I noticed the wait to see Mickey & Minnie was only 5 minutes so we headed in and met them. The kids weren’t too sure at first, but we got some really great pictures.
When we came out The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade was just starting to make its way around the square so we stood right there to watch it and take a bunch of pictures. Couldn’t have been better timing. Next up, I'd planned to go to Le Chepeau to get our Mickey ears but the kids were asking about rides (uh-oh) and mom was feeling sorry for them and asked if there wasn’t a ride they could go on (double uh-oh). Soooo, we followed the parade down Main St, didn’t go through the Castle like I’d hoped, and took a left into Adventureland to get out from behind the parade instead, looking for a ride. There was, as I knew there wouldn’t be from my planning, no ride with a short wait at this time on a Friday in Magic Kingdom. So we walked around getting hot and tired, and looking for said ride, until we come to the least liked ride of 7 & 8 year olds, THE CARROUSEL. "Here kids! This only has a 5 minute wait!" It was really a walkon. Needless to say, they were not thrilled, but they rode it!
After the Carrousel, we saw Mickey’s PhilHarmagic which was nearby and had a short wait. I figured since it was airconditioned and seated it would help everybody’s mood out too. It did. And everyone LOVED it, especially the 4D parts and the ending! I won’t spoil it for anyone.
Still hoping to get my walk through the Castle in, I tried to next but couldn’t because the Dream Along with Mickey show had just started. So we walked along the rose path to the front of the castle and watched the show. It was cute. The kids really liked it. My husband took the kids up closer while Mom & I stayed on the bridge for a breezier, little more shaded view.
Next, we headed to Le Chepeau to pick out our Mickey ears, which was quite a process. There sure are more choices since I went when I was little. My son ended up with Pirate ears and my daughter got Wizard ears. We left them to be embroidered and picked them up after dinner.
Afterward, we watched the Flag Retreat Ceremony. My dad was in the Marines and we are a pretty patriotic family. I had hoped he would come, but he couldn’t. I would have loved for him to do the flag ceremony. I had kept this a secret from my mom. She really enjoyed it and so did I. It was very moving. I am very glad we were able to catch it.
Dinnertime. We headed into Tony’s Town Square for our 5:20 ADR. Afterward we headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge to settle in and check things out before our big rope drop the next morning for Soarin’.
The only thing we didn’t get done today that I would have liked was for my daughter to meet Princess Tiana. She really wanted to so I wanted to make sure we got it done on the first day. We’ll work it in later in the week.

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