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A touch of old Poland

Church in the town of Trzebiatow Photo, Trzebiatow, Western Pomerania

Having seen quite a few of the seaside resorts along the Baltic Coast that were in reasonable driving distance from our base at Grzybowo I thought it would be nice to drive inland, not too far, just enough kilometres to find a church and a different style of architecture.

We came across a small hamlet/village called Trzebiatow, a few kilometres inland from Mrzeżyno. I should have known better, there wasn’t actually anything to see apart from the focal point, the village church which stands on the main road opposite a very old fashioned looking sklep (grocery shop).

The church was interesting as it looked like the original building had been stripped of paint ready for a new look. A wooden bell tower had been built on the back of the church which was quite high and attractive to look at. We could see the original bricks that formed the archway of the back entrance of the church.

Not being an expert on the architecture in this part of Poland, I would say that the whole building looked like a makeshift affair. The roof was made from aluminum and the large windows on all sides of the church were illuminated from within with many colours from the stained glass windows. A golden yellow was the dominant colour and shone through into the small, tidy garden enveloping the church.

This is a very small village, in lots of ways like a French hamlet. The farm buildings were large and in very good condition with vegetable plots and apple trees. A lane leading from the church led to a farm with rustic farm implements scattered around. We didn’t venture very far down this lane as we could hear quick, sharp, snapping noises coming from the farm’s guard dogs. I didn’t fancy a bite on the bottom so we walked back to the car and drove back to the coast.

I did notice several signs advertising rooms to let and people were cycling so I would imagine visitors who were looking for a quiet, peaceful holiday away from the coast could easily find a room in this village. There is also a campsite in the forest and paths for walking and cycling.

I think a cycle ride from Mrzeżyno to Trzebiatow would be a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours if you fancied getting away from it all.I recommend looking at the church especially at the windows as they were unusual and had a fairy tale quality about them. Apart from the odd passing car I didn't hear any other sounds and the only people I saw was a lady hanging out her washing and an old man sat outside the sklep.

Trzebiatow is somewhere that is definitely stuck in a time warp, a touch of old Poland.

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