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Not a chicken drummer in sight

Antiquated boat in Mrzeżyno   Photo, Mrzezyno, Poland

Having never really explored the smaller seaside resorts on the Baltic Coast after Dźwirzyno we decided to take a ride out to look at Mrzeżyno. This particular evening we were going to prepare a barbecue but first, we had to find a shop selling chicken drummers.

Driving into the main strut of the town over the ramps I realised that this town was a bit more classy than its neighbour. The same 'Kiss me Quick' effect was here also but the retail outlets looked more sophisticated as did the bars and cafes. The town was nicely sign-posted in blue and white wooden signs which was a bonus.

We drove to the port area first and decided to walk around the town later. As always, parking is an issue but we did find an open area with a sign saying, 5 zloty per hour, although we couldn't see anyone to pay. We drove in and parked up. No sooner had the automatic locking clicked into place, when a young girl appeared like lightning behind us with a pad and pen, taking down the number of our car and her hand outstretched for payment. Where she came from I will never know.

From where we parked the car I could see ripples of water hopping and jumping with the wind. The port area looked inviting. Alongside the waterfront were a selection of very pretty restaurants catering for visitors. Fish and chips was the meal on offer. Well, it is a seaside resort! Last time we ate fish and chips in this part of the world we were very disappointed; they didn't taste anything like fish and chips from Whitby in England. We passed by the restaurants but part of me thought that we would return and try one of the restaurants out. Perhaps we would get lucky next time.

Boats docked in the harbour were large and antiquated, one in particular was very handsome and people stood in front of the bow so they could have their photographs taken.

Wooden benches were sat in a row leading to the beach area. Here, ladies and gentlemen of all ages were wearing interesting swimsuits as they sat and stared at the water. When I was younger I never saw the appeal of sitting and staring, now I do, it is very relaxing. The sound and movement of water relaxes the mind.

The concrete pier attracted my eye not because it was attractive in itself but the man made triangular rock shapes that were piled up alongside the pier were fascinating and looked primeval.

A lot of people sat on this beach on the right handed side of the pier but it wasn't too my liking. It was a small area and looked a bit scrappy and untidy. The beach on the opposite side looked more appealing; wild and untamed. This was obviously the commercial side.

The wind started to turn at this point and the sky changed from blue to slate grey. It was time to find a shop that sold food provisions instead of holiday tat.

We walked back into the town and actually found a real supermarket.The shelves looked half empty like they were waiting to be filled from a new delivery or waiting to be emptied so that the shop could close down for the season. We were in luck, there was a deli/meat counter. There wasn't a chicken drummer to be found only pork steaks which we purchased half a kilo. My husband fancied a sausage but I never know which is the best Polish sausage to buy for barbecuing. We asked the young assistant and she sold us a kilo of home-made sausages which smelt strongly of garlic and were recommended for barbecuing.

Having left the half-empty supermarket we had a last look at the town of Mrzeżyno and walked back to the car. Perhaps we would revisit in the hope of finding decent fish and chips - who knows.

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