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Eating and the day to day in Kauai

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Naturally, the islands are a little more expensive than the mainland. We prepared ourselves. After renting a suite with a full kitchen, we decided to prepare for the week by grabbing a few groceries, where else......WALMART! We expected the prices to be a little more but $6.50 for a gallon of orange juice?!! As I said, be prepared because you can imagine what the final bill was. Also, bring your own bags, or boxes to carry your groceries in. Plastic bags are banned on Kauai, so you can either carry them by hand, or purchase a recyclable bag for $1 each.

The first morning we decided to grab a local breakfast. We drove to Kapaa and tried Kountry Kitchen. The line was a little long, but it was worth it. While situated inside a small store front restaurant, the food was delicious. Price was reasonable, and the service was great. While having the typical country breakfast menu, there were variations of local cuisine included. For some reason Spam is a local delicacy. I'm sorry but we had to pass. My wife and I were curious about the chicken, because out back, there were wild chickens everywhere! BTW there was a guy with one of the greatest t-shirts I've ever seen. If you looking yo have a hearty breakfast make sure you try the pancakes. On a scale of 1-10 we gave Kountry Kitchen a 9.

We kept seeing these signs in Poipu for a local happy hour. So on football Sunday we decided to try Kalapaki Joes. This place was great. Think about it, vacation + sports bar + Hawaii + football + happy hour = A GREAT SUNDAY!! Happy hour runs from 3p-6p local time, so after waking up and watching football in bed all morning, this was the perfect dinner spot. 25 cent wings, $2 0ff appetizers, and $3 fish tacos. We ordered the wings, and the famous surfer nachos. We were stuffed! My wife and I are simple folks, so we were pleased as punch. There was only 1 drawback to this place. When we walked in, the hostess sat us at a table near the television. 30 seconds later, a moody, grumpy pregnant waitress started going off on us and told us we couldn't sit there. In order not to ruin our vacation, we immediately asked the manager for a different waitress and he obliged. Our new waitress was great. We didn't need much, so it was nice to have a waitress who could just bring our food, and simply say hello. If not for the moody waitress, we would've given KJ's a 10!

Our last stop was at the Poipu Shopping Village. We stopped at a restaurant called Keoki's Paradise. While a little more formal, it had a very nice atmosphere. Coy ponds inside and a mixed covered/uncovered dining area. My wife and i had the crab cakes, and calamari. The food was decent. The real joy was the shopping village itself. Great shops and a great Hula demonstration. We gave KP a 6.

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