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Tregirls beach Photo, Padstow, England

There are lots of lovely scenic walks all around Padstow - you are spoilt for choice. A must-do though is the coastal path - or at least part of it. The views are lovely and it is a very enjoyable activity. We found a lovely walk that took us partly on the beach, partly on the coastal path and up to the war memorial at Padstow for spectacular views of the estuary. It is about 3 miles, relatively easy walking with a bit of an incline but nothing too strenuous. We actually enjoyed this walk so much we did it twice, once in each direction on a lovely sunny day and then on a wet day - quite a different experience.

If you start in Padstow just at the harbour, walk along the North Quay, past Abbey House - this is a distinctive medieval building which you can't miss. Continue past this, to where the road forks, not far from the Tourist Information Centre. Keep left here and uphill - past Green's Coffee Shop - a nice place for a drink and a view of the bay, they also have a good crazy golf course here which children love.

Follow the signs for the "Coast Path" and "To Lower Beach." The walkway goes uphill again slightly through a large grassy area and up to the war memorial at St Saviour's Point. There are some nice views over the River Camel to be had from up here.

Go through the stile and just carry on along the path. At this point, you can either walk on the coastal path or along the beach if the tide is out - both are very nice, but very different walks. You just carry on until you come to an area of sand dunes, then reach a stile into a field. Follow the edge of the field to a T-junction with a stony track, then take this track uphill to Tregirls Farm.

There are some holiday cottages and the farm buildings, go past these and follow the tarmac surfaced lane for about a third of a mile. This is lovely too, walking along the country roads - we never saw any traffic, but did see lots of chickens along the road and some cute baby pigs in a field.

Keep walking until you pass underneath an archway and reach Prideaux Place, an Elizabethan stately home. Walk to the end of Tregirls Lane and then turn left down Church Street. Go through the lovely little churchyard of St Petroc's Church - the church is beautiful and then back down towards the harbour.

This walk is lovely, if you take the beach section, the beaches are empty, vast and golden. We took a lot longer doing it this way - our son paddled in the water and played in the sand and we just took our time. On the coastal path it is quicker, but if the weather is wet, you do need proper walking boots, it can get very muddy.

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