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Finishing my Sea Rainbow

I was very excited when I first stepped into the Black Sea at Golden Sands because I was completing my full set of coloured seas. As a child, my parents took my to Hurghada in Egypt where I swam in the black Sea (and cut my leg quite badly on a coral reef if I remember correctly). And, in 2004, when I lived in Korea, I swam in the Yellow Sea. You could even count the Cote d'Azur where I currently live. As you might expect, I am about to make the rather lame joke that none of the seas actually looked at all like the colours they feature in their name. My girlfriend was unimpressed when she asked how I liked the Black Sea and I professed to be unimpressed as it was a little too green for my liking.

Regardless of the colour-based misnomer, I very much enjoyed my first taste of the Black Sea. The beach at Golden sands was wonderful. It was made up of extremely fine golden sand – as you might expect considering the name of the resort. We headed down from our hotel in the late afternoon, which was just about the perfect time as the sand was hot without burning the feet. In the height of the day it can get rather punishing. The sea was also very nice. It was calm with just a gentle swell coming in from the direction of Russia. It was very warm and deeply inviting. The views from the shoreline looking out to sea were also very nice. The water seemed to roll out into nothing merging with the horizon several kilometres out. Turning around and looking inland was not as serene, but was far more lively. It took in all the hotels and bars of the resort and also a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower that is used as a cocktail bar.

If I am honest, I am of an extremely lazy inclination when I head to the beach. Therefore, I was happy to flick on my Kindle dive into the Don Dellilo novel that I was reading and to absorb the rays of the sun. However, were I not so lackadaisical, I would have been able to enjoy lots of fantastic activities. There were a whole host of water-sports that included banana boats, jet-skis and para-sailing. These were remarkably reasonable in price with the most expensive activity just 90lv (45Euro). For those of a slightly less adventurous inclination, there were also massage tables set up on the beach.

The beach at Golden Sands was wonderful. However, I did have one or two criticisms about. The first was that it was extremely difficult to find an area of open sand. It was difficult to simply head down there and drop your towels on the sand. The majority of the beach was taken up by parasols, sun-loungers and small huts that were owned by hotels and beach-clubs. In places these stretched all the way down to the sea, which made it difficult to plot a path to the water.

My girlfriend and some of her relatives spent a very nice afternoon on the beach at Golden Sands. We were there for three hours or so, soaked up plenty of sun and took a couple of very nice dips in the ocean.

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