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salzburg card Photo, Salzburg, Austria

For two days it was this year during our summer holiday in Upper Bavaria to Austria, more precisely, to Salzburg. Since we wanted to see as much as possible during these two days, we opted for the Salzburg Card, which I would like to report today ...

The Salzburg Card is a kind of a card, with which you can visit free attractions in Salzburg. You pay a one-off price and then has free access to all city attractions. Plus, you can public transport, ie use the city buses for free. A bus line even on tariff limit, so you can visit more distant attractions, including the Unterberg or the zoo. A cruise on the Salzach would include. In addition, the Salzburg Card one breaks for different cultural events, which can, for example, plays, concerts or attractions in Salzburg region be. The Salzburg Card you get a book in which all the advantages listed. In it you can see anyway, what the entry would normally cost and what it saves. Moreover, one has thus simultaneously an overview of what there is to see in Salzburg to absolutely everything. If you want to visit many places of interest in a short time, will be able to save with the Salzburg Card lot of money. Whether this was so, as found in this report.

Once it became clear that we wanted to make a side trip to Salzburg, I inquired of guidebooks and on the internet about the city and what you should not miss. I quickly realized that there is much to see in Salzburg. And it was also noticed that some entries are quite high already. on the website I came across the offer of the Salzburg Card and found it equally interesting. When we were in at the Tourist Information Salzburg.

The Salzburg Card can purchase either for 24 hours, for 48 hours or for 72 hours. Depending on how long you're in the city and how much you want to look at, you just have to think about what comes into question. Well, I think that the card will be charged by the hour and not valid for one day. The card is activated only when it is used at the first sight. From then on, the timer starts. If you activate the card, just as we, after 15 clock it is not just the rest of the day but just until shortly after 15 clock of the next, the second or third day. Since we were from Monday to Wednesday in Salzburg, we bought two tickets for 48 hours. For 48 hours, you pay 34 EUR. That sounds a lot, but there are also a lot of attractions that you can watch for the money. For 24 hours, you pay 25 EUR and 72 hours cost 40 EUR. Children, of course, pay correspondingly less and in the cooler months, it is also cheaper again. When you grow up the way is already over 16, then the full price will be charged. An overview of the prices I've uploaded a photo.

You can either order the Salzburg Card on the Internet, or you buy them directly in Salzburg that presents itself, yes. Many hotels sell tickets at the front desk, and if not, you get them at all tourist information offices throughout the city, that is the main railway station, the airport, the train station in Salzburg and South course at the tourist info on Mozart Square. The latter we visited. In hindsight, we would have to have to buy at the main station, because then we could go from there free bus into the old town. But since we used them only after 15 clock for the first time it was, after all, two days later, still remains valid, which was also an advantage, because we could use even outside of Salzburg, as we had already traveled further.

The Salzburg Card you have free admission to about 30 attractions. I take this opportunity to list them all or copy the report into it. Who cares what all is included simply looks after on the website. and no later than the moment of purchase to get the brochure, too, where everything is listed, with opening times and addresses so you do not also sought in vain for a place of interest, which is then already closed. More than 20 concessions within and outside of Salzburg are also found on the website and in the brochure. The link to the list I have provided below.

After we had paid twice for 48 hours, the required 68 EUR, we received two magnetic cards. On the back you need to enter its name, since the card is not transferable, however, at no interest someone has paid attention to whether the name was not on it or. The card itself is, as you can see in the photo, a normal magnetic card with a cute photo of Salzburg and the Internet address at which there is more information. The card fits easily into your wallet or in your pocket, so you have it handy for quickly. During the bus ride, the card is scanned and sent to most of the sites there are also card reader where you must put up with the Salzburg Card or draw over it. Everything runs so automatically, which is very convenient. Now one could complain that arises after the date of expiry of unnecessary plastic waste. That is certainly the case, but many keep the card as a souvenir and also safely throw not away. If you drive frequently to Salzburg and buys one card at a course that is something else.

With our tickets we went and hit the trail to the first attraction that we wanted to see. By funicular we wanted to go up to the mountain monk and look at the fortress. The trip, including a tour of the fort, the fort museum and the Puppet Museum normally costs 11 EUR, we thus had already included. Upon entering the card is scanned and thus activated. Since we spent some time at the fortress and later it already had (some museums close by 17 clock), we visited that day, only one more attraction, as Mozart's birthplace, which would otherwise cost 10 EUR. So we were both 21 EUR from 34 EUR already out. We would have certainly done more, but we were on vacation and wanted to not rush us. Finally, you want what you can see and enjoy so. So it went on until the next day.

Take the cable car ride to the Unterberg (21 EUR), the visit of the fountains in Hellbrunn (9.50 EUR), riding the Mönchsbergaufzug (3.20 EUR), the Toy Museum (4 EUR) and the Catacombs (EUR 1.50 ) came on the second day again together over 39 EUR. If we also add the coach, we have taken on both days with the card, we'd also once each in about 10 EUR. So we can say that we have to get 34 EUR about twice as much.

Surely we could have still managed a few more sights, but we wanted to rush not tell us how, but enjoy the holidays and for that it is also, in between to take breaks to sit in a sunny spot and not of museum run off to museum . But since we get for 34 EUR entrance and bus worth around 70 EUR, I think that we have used the card still good. One can of course argue that it would have without SalzburgCard not visited all of these attractions, but as we learn at least sometimes know something that you would not otherwise have made. Alone with the three monuments that we would have looked from the start but even if we do not SalzburgCard had bought, namely Unterberg, Hohensalzburg Hellbrunn we would have got over the 34 EUR, so it has been worth it.

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