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Northumberland Coast Path - Seahouses to Bamburgh

Northumberland Coast Path Photo, Northumberland, England

One of our more familiar stretches of Northumberland coast is the short stretch from Seahouses to Bamburgh. We usually take the walk over the long sandy bay with the sand dunes behind as the view as you approach Bamburgh Castle is the most dramatic.

The Northumberland Coast Path had an alternative route to offer, which allowed us to get a bit of variation and cut inland. Once we passed by the rather boring golf course area (I always think of the grassy golf course as little else than a green desert with a distinct lack of eco variety) we were on our way.

The best part of this stretch of the walk was the yomp through the lush green cereal crops, and the blue of the sea beyond. While my beloved claims it plays havoc with her hay fever, the yellow flower of the rape seed fields provided for another dramatic view, particularly once Bamburgh Castle loomed into view.

Bamburgh Castle is always an astonishing landmark as it is just so huge and perched on a dramatic rocky outcrop above the sea. The village of Bamburgh itself is a pretty little place, with a few good places to dine or shops to buy food and drink.

Bamburgh Castle dates from 1500 years ago (although substantially rebuilt during Norman times), and unlike Dunstonburgh Castle was continued to be kept in fairly good order up until the present day, although it fell into disuse in the early 1800s.

Bamburgh Castle was bought by William Armstrong a Victorian industrialist who made his money from manufacturing guns, in the late 1800’s, and restored fully to its current day splendour. Today, you can visit and wander around the Castle if you wish (and even book your wedding here!).

We chose to stay outside and eat our packed lunch in the shelter of the cliff immediately below Bamburgh Castle before continuing our route. This took us behind Bamburgh Castle where there appeared to be ruins of workers houses covered in ivy.

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