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Beyond West Side Market

Campbells Sweets Ffactory Photo, Cleveland, Ohio

The neighborhood surrounding the famous West Side Market has several interesting specialty stores. I want to mention two that left a lasting impression.

We visited Penzey's a retail spice store. Other Penzey's I have visited are in strip malls. This one is located in an architectural jewel, one of many in Cleveland. Our hosts said that times were so hard in Cleveland over the years, that old buildings were not leveled to build new bland versions. These places sat untouched and unoccupied until the current age when repurposing and "green" became the trend.
The four of us prowled the aisles, sniffed the samples and discussed the uses of the many unusual spices found here. This is a must stop for a gourmet cook, or for someone who wants to become educated in the world of spices.

Walking fruther down the street we passed boutiques and a bakery and stopped at Campbell's Sweets Factory. After sampling and comparing the many flavors of popcorn, we selected one called Dichotomy, an award winning combination of sweet and salty. Other outstanding flavors are Pina Colada, Beer Cheddar, Taco, Pizza, Peaches and Cream, Dill Pickle, Cheezy Cajun, and of course the great standard Carmel Corn. Just writing this makes me want to send in an order for more! This store also offered candy apples, cupcakes, and many handmade candies.

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