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Shopping in Delray Beach

Atlantic Ave Antiques Photo, Delray Beach, Florida

I had a great time shopping in Delray Beach. There is a standard, but welcome shopping center we found at the intersection of Federal Hwy and Linton Blvd. This contains chain stores and meets your basic needs. However, if you are here for a fun vacation shopping try these three locations:

East Atlantic Avenue: Between the drawbridge and the ocean I found lots of T-shirt & Sportswear shops. There were also places to stock up on suntan lotion, beach gear and snacks. Some shops were boutique style with lovely designs and high prices. There were also several places to stop for coffee or a meal. Fun area to stroll.

Pineapple Grove Arts District: Grovy clothing and art galleries in small storefronts. Located at Northeast 2nd Ave is "Murder on the Beach". This bookstore is almost exclusively devoted to mystery novels. Be still my heart...this place made me fall in love with Delray Beach! The staff person helped me locate 3 new Florida authors that I might like. She rated them as similiar to my favorite authors. I've read two of them so far and she was right. Nearby on 1rst Ave is the Arts Garage a multi-disciplinary arts center including visual arts, musicians and performers. Other galleries and shops are scattered about in the area.

West Atlantic Ave: Going west from the drawbridge are some intesting gift shops, decorator shops and boutique clothing stores. The big draw for us was two enormous antiques and consignment stores. The Delray Beach Antique and Consignment Mall has a large selection of slightly or lightly used furniture and decor. I was in awe. The items obviously came from houses that redecorated often and always with "the good stuff". Prices were high. We compared pieces of art glass that we have collected from all over the country and these prices were the highest...still if you find something you really like, and we did...just ask if they can give you a lower price. The other large store was Atlantic Avenue Antiques. This store had rows of locked glass cases with antiques and collectables displayed. We found a terrific Navajo vase that was double marked down. We had traveled in the SW last year, so considered this a late souvenir from that trip. I researched after we got home and found out we did indeed get a good fair price.

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