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Le Métro De Montréal

Train  Photo, Montreal, Quebec

The traffic, the pedestrians, the weird speed limits that are in kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour, and the numerous amount of bikers on the roads make any American driver frustrated while in Montréal. Save your gas and sanity; take the métro.

My wife and I were very happy to know that Montréal had an métro station. We were happy because it would allow someone else to drive us to places that we wanted to go. It meant that we did not have to deal with the frustrating traffic. Also, it meant that when we went to any attraction; we would save money that we would have paid for parking.

After receiving directions to the nearest métro station entrance from our hotel receptionist, my family decided to go after eating breakfast. We arrive to the the entrance. The price to use a day price for us was $24 Canadian. For people over two, the prices was $8 per person for a day pass whereas a person under two were free. I wouldn't realize the value of paying for these tickets until after I realize how many places we could see and visit. My family and I entered the station and waited for our train.

Montréal has the cleanest subway station that I have ever seen. Not only was it clean but also I felt safe. Also, maps were everywhere to allow people to find where they needed to go. The maps are very easy to read and understand. If you have any problem knowing, the maps will help know where to get off.

One pleasant experience of taking the métro is the kindness of Montréalais. When my family and I got on the train. I was holding one of my daughters while standing. A kind gentleman motioned us to sit on his sit that he was sitting on, and he moved to allow me and my daughter to sit. I continued to experience this every time someone saw me with my daughter. Someone would move to allow me and my daughters to sit together. This experience made me happy because this experience added to my enjoyment of knowing that many Montréalais are polite and kind people.

My family and I would use the subway take us to many fun places in Montréal such the Biôdome and Notre Dame church. The subway saved us plenty of time and money. Also, we received plenty of exercise because the walking, which is great because we would eat a lot during this trip.

If you visit Montréal, you must experience the métro. Save you car the trouble for when you decide to leave Montréal and take the métro. Chances are you will not regret it.

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