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The works of Gaudi

The works of Gaudi

Barcelona is truly the city of Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was born on the 25th of june 1852 and died in the year 1926. In his over 70 years lifespan he left a huge impact on the people of Barcelona which is still noticeable today. He’s was a Spanish Catalan architect and really a true artist of the Catalan Modernism. When you walk through the city of Barcelona you can almost see his work everywhere.

Gaudi had four passions in his life: nature, religion, Catalan and of course architecture. He managed to combine these four into one and created natural designs and buildings. While he’s the most famous for his buildings, Gaudi also made stained glass, ceramics, carpentry and ironwork. His biggest accomplishment is the Sagrada Familia which until today is still unfinished.

While he started making the lampposts for the Placa Reial in Barcelona he continued on later projects in his life. Next to the famous Sagrada Familia, he has designed the beautiful Parc Quell with several houses. One of these houses Gaudi himself has lived here and you can still visit it and admire it in the style how it was when Gaudi still lived there. Also famous are the Gaudi apartments which are a few throughout the city and these you can also admire the inside.

A few other examples of Gaudi works are the Colegio de las Teresianas, Bishop’s palace, Casa Botines, Bodegas Güell and Torre Bellesguard. When visiting the great city of Barcelona visiting a few of these places is simply a must and certainly worth the trip. You will be admired by the level of detail of the buidling outside and inside.

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