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Broadway at the Beach Photo, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When our friends in the Motley Crue/Poison tribute band called us to tell us they were playing at the House of the Blues and invited us to come and see them, we decided to go down and make a weekend of it.

Nick and I stayed at the Super 8 Barefoot Landing. The hotel is great. The rooms are nice, clean, and inviting. They are in a great location, located only 5 minutes from Barefoot Landing. You are 5 minutes from North Myrtle Beach and about 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach.

We had dinner at the House of the Blues restaurant before heading next door for our concert. The restaurant offers some terrific food and if you here on Sunday, then you will want to check out the renowned Sunday Gospel Bruch.

The House of the Blues is the brainchild of actors Dan Ackroyd and Jim Bulishi. The entertainment complex is a popular concert venue in the Myrtle Beach area. Bands run the gamut from country music to metal and since you at the beach, of course beach bands perform here as well.

Before we headed out that evening to the concert, we spend the day enjoying the cute at cuddly critters at the Ripley’s Aquarium. The fascinating aquarium features creatures from all over the world and guests can step onto the gliding steps which take you through the underwater tunnel and get you up close to a variety of fish, sharks, and turtles.

After enjoying all the cute critters at the aquarium, we headed across the parking lot to the Hard Rock Market Beach. The café is located within the Broadway at the Beach complex and can easily be spotted by the 70 foot pyramid.

As we were heading out of town, we were both starving and looking for something good and inexpensive on the often pricy restaurant row. Lucky for us, we spied the New China Buffet which offers up some great food but still keeping your wallet in tact.

About 30 minutes outside of Myrtle Beach heading towards Charlotte, you can find one stop souvenir shopping for all things Myrtle Beach related. Sparky’s is a massive store when you can take a bathroom break, pick up something to eat, and pick up all kind of kitschy do dads and souvenirs from South Carolina and Myrtle Beach.


As you might guess, because it is always my first one....go to the official visitors website. Just simply go to They have all kinds of info on all there is to do in the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach area. You can also get a hard copy of their visitor’s guide which is what I still love.

As you are driving in to the area you will start noticing visitors center where you can get something to drink and get discounted tickets. Just be careful because as you might guess, these are often places that will give you free or very cheap attraction tickets but you have to tour a time share place. But there are lots of people who will sit aside an hour or so for free tickets!

Pretty much from spring until Labor Day, advanced reservations are highly suggested. During the summer holidays, you pretty much better have reservations made months in advanced. Also believe it or not, around Christmas the place tends to fill up since they have a number of holiday events going on. Myrtle Beach is a major spring break destination. April includes the food and wine festival as well as the SOS (Society of Shaggers) Spring Fling. May is a busy month with the start of the summer holiday season and before that, bikers from all over come for bike week. There are 2 bike weeks with the first being right before Memorial Day and the Black Bike Week being the following week.

Speaking of SOS..shagging is a official dance of both Myrtle Beach and South Carolina and is performed to beach music. Also official music of the grand strand and South Carolina. Want to try it? It is rather easy but many of the clubs offer free shagging lessons during the day.

Take the time to venture out beyond Myrtle Beach. Georgetown is about 30 minutes away and where you can find the luscious Brookgreen Gardens, historical houses, and boat trips.

Have a smart phone? Then Myrtle Beach has an app for you. And it’s free!

Myrtle Beach is a food lover’s delight. You will find everything from pizza to seafood here and N. Kings Highway is even known as restaurant row where you will find plenty of seafood buffets.

Just about every hotel lobby is chocked full of brochures and discount booklets. Make sure you pick up several which offer up all kinds of savings.

For golf fans, this is a major golf destination. You will find greens all over the place and attached to resorts. If you prefer to chase the little white ball through a windmill, this is also the place to find miniature golf as well.

Getting around.

Myrtle Beach has its own airport (MYR). You can go to for more information. Once here you really need a car to get around. You can rent one from the airport.

Or what about renting a Harley? Yep you too can be a biker for the week or weekend. Just check the visitor’s website for more information.

Speaking of bikes, this is a big destination for bikers..and as you might guess especially during bike week. Please be mindful of bikes when stopping or turning. Nick and I were in Myrtle Beach this year for bike week and our friends were involved in an accident on their bikes. And while we were at the hospital there were 8 more accidents!

You should know that despite what everyone thinks, the rule on bike helmets is that you are supposed to follow your own states rule. But SC does not enforce headgear and it is generally accepted at the beach no matter where you are from. But do you really think if your head hits the pavement without one, that you will be OK?

Again I suggest joining AAA. They are great if you need a tow. They also have some really great hotel rates for members. And you can show your card and save at places such as the aquarium and the Hard Rock.

When putting in address in your GPS….always check the city. There is a difference between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. When I used to work at OnStar I had a lot of confused people show up at the wrong place because there were looking for an address in North Myrtle Beach but put in Myrtle Beach, or vice versa

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