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One word of advice...Plastics.

Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale Photo, Eastern Caribbean, Caribbean

Just as in the movie "The Graduate", this one word piece of advice is well intended and could save you some troubles. We boarded The Freedom just as the outer edge of Tropical Storm Alberto passed by. The passengers were given protection with covered walkways from the terminal building to the ship. Not so our luggage. The cube shaped luggage trailer-carts were open sided and open topped. They sat on the dock fully exposed to the downpour before boarding. Everyone we talked to had soaked luggage. In ours I had packed books, which are now permanently mishappened. All our clothing had to be dried and some had to be washed prior to drying to get rid of stains from things they were packed next too. We did quickly make friends as the laundry room was THE gathering place.
Plastics...from now on we will pack everything in zip-lock bags and stack them in the suitcase. I checked out waterproof luggage on line and decided I can buy a lot of plastic bags for that cost. There were long lines at the guest services desk. Their comment was that it often rains in Fort Lauderdale. I was ahgast! If that is true, than why don't you have a system in place to protect the luggage? On our last day on board, I reviewed our bill and I noticed there was a refund of $9.95 per person. That covered our extra laundry expenses, but not the books.

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