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Wild Horses on the Beach

Wild Horses Photo, Corolla, North Carolina

I have shown my friends the pictures from my trip to Corolla, and the first thing they say is "I've been there many times and I've never seen the horses on the beach!" Here is a not well known tip!

During a short window of opportunity in May, the wild horses of Corolla leave the dunes and venture out onto the beach. They are driven to do this by the flies that bother them up in the dunes, and it is thought that the winds along the beach help keep them away. I found them on top of the dunes, making for stunning photographs, and even better down in the waves. To see them any other time of the year, you would have to drive your 4-wheel drive vehicle around in the dunes, or take one of the tours to see the wild horses.

I also had the opportunity to sit in a blind and photograph fox kits! At two separate dens, one in the dunes in the wildlife management area and the other behind a house right on Beach Drive in the town of Corolla!

Corolla is located 30 miles from Nags Head, north along NC 12. Once you reach the village of Corolla, follow the pavement road to where it runs out at the beach. This is called the 4-wheel beach road, and runs north to the VA line. There is a gate there, and you can't get through it unless you are a resident with a key. The horses can be found anywhere along this 4-wheel road in what is called the wildlife management area. There are no facilities here; just the rental houses and residents houses, so make sure you bring everything you will need for your day in the sun!

Also keep in mind that the wild horses are protected, and you must maintain a 50' distance from them. This is even if they are coming toward you. The cops will ticket you and they accept no excuses. Please do not feed the horses!!!

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