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The tourist boat at the Chinese port Photo, Salou, Spain

The beautiful Waitan Port is located in the China area of Port Aventura around a thirty to thirty five walk from the main Port Aventura entrance through Polynesia and over the Great Wall of China. There are two parts of the port, the first can be accessed when you first enter the China area where you can walk along the dock and see the splendour of the river, plant life, boats and area as a whole. Here you can also pay a small fee to drive miniature Chinese boats around a closed off lake decorated with Chinese buildings and plants.

To board the Chinese boat you are unable to this by walking along the dock but instead have to walk further up into the China area until you reach the queue system higher up on a slight hill above the port. This hill is small however is quite steep and may be difficult for those with walking difficulties. The queuing system for the boat is a long ramp that joins the top of the hill to the port below. This area is well shaded from the sun and this shade is well needed as you can wait for an hour before being able to board the boat as like the train it takes half an hour to sail to the Drassana Port which is located in the Mediterranean area of Port Aventura. As I didn’t board the boat at this port I cannot comment on how easy or difficult it is compared to the Waitan Port so if you want to board in the Mediterranean you should check details on the queuing system before you visit the park.

The queue for this ride gets extremely busy and is very popular especially with families so prepare to not get on the boat as lots of space on it is taken up with push chairs. The river is very nice to look upon as you wait for the boat to come back to the port and the queuing time doesn’t feel too long as there is so many appealing things to see although children in the queue were getting quite restless and fussy as the time went on. I would suggest that children who have trouble being patient might want to miss this ride as you do have to stand around for a long time and it is hard to get out of this queue once you get in to it as it is very enclosed and the barriers are close together causing you to queue single file.

The boat itself fits around sixty people on it and the seating is long wooden benches that aren’t very comfortable however bearable. The ride is very peaceful and dreamlike. I would think that older children and adults would appreciated this ride more than younger children as there isn’t much to do but sit back and enjoy the scenery as it slowly passes you by. This ride has disability access and is classed as a mild ride.

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