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Penitence Station Port Aventura Photo, Salou, Spain

Port Aventura has its own fantastic tourist train that allows passengers to feel the magnitude and beauty of the Port Aventura Park. Passengers can embark upon this thrilling journey at either the Penitence Station in the Far West or at the Estacio del Nord (The North Station) in the Mediterranean area of Port Aventura.

The tourist train is a huge traditional locomotive that runs on steam. The track is perfectly positioned around the whole of the park ensuring that passengers glimpse the beautiful scenery and plant life that the park has to offer. Both of the stations are extremely authentic and have a lot of memorabilia of either the Far West or the Mediterranean allowing you to believe that you are queuing in these parts of the world waiting to become a passenger on this speeding locomotive.

The queue for this ride does get extremely busy and you can wait up to one hour to board the train as the train takes thirty minutes to reach the opposite station and then another to come back. This can become quite boring as although the queuing system has lots to see there is nowhere to sit whilst you are in the queue and little area for buggies or wheelchairs to be put in the queue. I would suggest that you fold up buggies before you get to the train as it is quite hard to manoeuvre them around the queuing system. People who have trouble walking and standing for long periods of time will find this queue really difficult to wait in. my fiancé and I decided that we would not wait for the train however if we saw that it was pulling in to the station then we would quickly run to the queue to get on which was extremely effective.

When embarking on the train at the Far West station (Penitence Station) the staff try to make this experience enormously enjoyable by acting as a character from typical Wild West films. The staff are very helpful and made sure that families with buggies were taken to the best areas of the train so that they didn’t need to fold them down however these do get full up quickly and you will need to fold down buggies if you sit in the smaller carriages.

Each carriage can hold around sixty four people but more if you have small children. The seats are made of wood and face both frontward and backwards but if you are at the back of the queue you won’t really get a choice of where you sit. The train is incredibly long and has four carriages so can hold a large amount of people. The seats are not the most comfortable and you do start to get a numb bottom!

The train takes thirty minutes to get to the next station and does give you the most spectacular view of the different areas around the park including going over the Great Wall of China, seeing the beautiful plant life of China and the amazing sights and sounds of Mexico. The train ride is a great experience and one that I am glad I didn’t miss. The whole family can enjoy this ride together and will appreciate it for many different reasons.

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