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Barrier Island Holiday!

The Marsh Photo, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Our week long stay started with a ride through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, $12 per car toll fee. The kids were excited and seemed amazed at the thought of going under the water in a tunnel instead of over it on a bridge. As you turn off US 13N onto VA 175 Chincoteague Road, stop at the Food Lion to stock up since there are no grocery stores on the island (unless you stop at the Walmart in Onancock VA or Pocomoke MD). After you cross the draw bridge and come to the stop light, you will be at the intersection of Maddox Blvd. and Main Street, the two main roads. Following Maddox on down will take you to Assateague Island National Park, where you can pay $8 per day, $15 per week, or walk or bike over for free. We found the rental office, and since it was after hours, our keys were in the drop box. The rental was on the channel side with great views of the lighthouse and marsh. We took some tours to see the wild horses, which were actually in the marsh across from our house, but just a little too far to see. We did a kayak tour which we enjoyed; but the kids favorite was the boat tour with Captain Barry! Very entertaining. You could rent a scooter or one of the little two seater cars, have ice cream, play putt putt, bike around town - enjoy the slow pace of life! There's even a Mcdonalds if you need your fix. Main Street is full of shops, and don't forget to catch the sunset anywhere along Main Street, or the sunrise over the lighthouse. REMEMBER - if it's summer the mosquitoes will be relentless over on Assateague, even during the day. If you plan to hike along any of the many trails over there, bathe in repellant and take more with you! We enjoyed our stay, and are looking forward to visiting again!

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