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A walk around Slupsk

Welcome to Slupsk Photo, Slupsk, Poland

I was familiar with the word Slupsk many years ago before living and travelling in Poland. My husband used to coach councilors and Chief Executives at Carlisle City Council and one of the training rooms was named after this town in Pommerania.

During our family holiday in Grzybowo we decided to take a drive out to this medium sized town. I wanted to visit Koszalin but my son said Slupsk would be more interesting. My son took the wheel while I sat in the back with my grandchildren. The ride was a pleasant one with rolling fields of green with manmade windmills dotted in between cows, horses and sheep.

Our point of arrival was the Neo Gothic building known as the City Hall. There was a huge car park situated in the front of the building so we didn’t have to search very far for parking. This was a blessing as we were all dying to use the loo and luckily we found a block of toilets at the side of the City Hall.

We ran down the steps in desperation to be confronted by a stern looking lady who informed us that the admission price to use the toilets was 2zloty( just under 50p).My daughter-in-law was alarmed at the thought of paying 2zloty for each of us so tried to negotiate a family price. Unfortunately this Polish panni wasn’t in the mood for bartering and stood rooted to the ground with her hand held out for our zlotys. Imagine if you had a Mum, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather and four kids all wanting to use the loo, it would knock you back about 16zloty(over £3).That’s an outrageous price to pay for a wee!

After relieving ourselves we decided to take a walk around the town which is easy to navigate on foot. Apart from St Mary’s Church and the New Gate the majority of attractions are close together in the vicinity of the Rynek Rybacki. Walking from the City Hall, through the New Gate is a pleasant experience as it leads to a cobbled street that once had trams running through and on to the river. The river isn’t very wide but on both banks there are numerous trees which cast shadows on the pale green water. Ducks were gently swimming and as we walked close to the edge they came to greet us hoping we would hold out our hands and give them some nibbles or stale bread. We didn't have anything on us so they soon wandered off to the centre of the river.

There are quite a few buildings to see in this area and each is distinctive in their own way, some dating back from the 14th century. I will review each one separately shortly.
Having walked full circle we went back into the domestic part of Slupsk to look for a café or shop so we could buy a drink and something to eat. There are several cafes with seats outside but not many people were sat out due to the chilly weather. What I did notice as we were wandering around was a block of flats built in true Art Deco style. I pointed these out to my son but I don’t think he was impressed. Obviously, he isn’t a fan of this style of architecture. I am and was really excited to see this design amongst all the other modern flats.

Opposite the main shopping square I also noticed a row of baroque buildings painted in pastel colours of blue and pale yellow. Somehow I don’t think these were original buildings.They did stand out though and were attractive to look at. On the bottom level were shops, up above, living accommodation.

By the time we had arrived at this point we were ravenous and walked back to the New Gate where my son had seen a kebab kiosk. We ordered kebabs and took them back to the car to eat as we thought our allotted parking time was due to expire. We had 10 minutes to spare which is a good job as the kebabs were messy and difficult to eat.

Looking back I think my son made the correct choice taking us to Slupsk. It isn’t a large town but there is a lot to see and I would visit again next time round.

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