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Giddy up Cowboy and visit the Far West

Far West in Port Aventura Photo, Salou, Spain

The Far West area of Port Aventura is the biggest part of the park and has the most rides out of all of the areas. You can ride the tourist train here which is advisable as it takes around twenty minutes to walk here from the main entrance.

It is also home to two extraordinary shows and many restaurants that all of the family will love. There are four restaurants in the Far West are of the park ranging from waitress sit down cuisine to self service style food courts. The prices of the restaurants vary immensely, my fiancé and I wanted to eat in the Jeremia’s restaurant which is self service but it was extremely busy and there were no tables. This was the case in three of the four restaurants and the forth, the Iron Horse Hotel, was just too expensive for us to eat in. Luckily there are also a few snack kiosks selling baguettes and other snack type food so we were able to eat.

The two shows in this area of the park are the Atraco al Saloon show and the Bang Bang West show. My fiancé and I saw the amazing Bang Bang West show featuring astonishing horses and accomplished acrobats performing a Wild West bank show. The show was fun for all the family and has parts that adults and children will enjoy. Younger children may be frightened at some parts of the show as there are lots of explosions and loud bangs that may startle people in the audience. The seating arena is huge but when we saw the show it was completely full up with no seating space let. We got to the arena a long time before the show started and got good seats but some people who arrived later missed out on seeing the show as it was full.

Unfortunately we were unable to see the Atraco al Saloon show as it was very busy and there was no more room when we arrived at the door. This show must have filled up quickly as we arrived fifteen minutes before the start of the show. The Port Aventura website states that this is a musical show filled with dancing, acting and adventure and is one not to miss.

There are two very similar rides in the Far West which are the Buffalo Rodeo and the wild Buffalos. They are both bumper car rides however the Buffalo Rodeo is a ride specifically for children under 1.40 m and the Wild Buffalos is for people over 1.40 m and children riding with an adult who are less than 1.40 m. On both of these rides you are able to bump one another in your bumper car. The adult version is great fun, my fiancé and I enjoyed crashing into each other and the other bumper car drivers during this ride. The ride lasted for around five minutes which gave you plenty of time to race around the area a few times trying to dodge the bumps of others or crash into as many people as possible.

The Silver River Flume is a superb ride for those hotter days as you get absolutely soaked on this ride and the water is freezing as my fiancé and I found. The flumes each hold four people and children between 1 m and 1.40 m can ride with an adult. The flume rocks all over the place as you slowly work your way down it and then climb to the highest point before you plummet into the freezing water below. A great ride as long as you don’t mind getting wet.

The Grand Canyon rapids is another wet ride that adults and children will enjoy together. I did not go on this ride as I didn’t fancy getting wet again. People between 1.10 m and 1.30 m need to ride with an adult.

Stampida is a more traditional rollercoaster in the sense that both the track and the carriage is made from wood and looks old. You need to be over 1.20 m to go on this ride but there are no other restrictions. The ride reaches great speed of 70km per hour and is really thrilling. The rollercoaster really shakes and rattles your bones as you race around the track. I would suggest that you don’t go on this rollercoaster if you have back problems or painful bones as you really do get a tough ride.

Tomahawk is a smaller version of Stampida designed for children and adults to enjoy together. Children over 1.20 m can ride alone and children between 1 m and 1.20 m. The ride is really enjoyable, my fiancé and I loved it and went on a few times even though the queue was long, our shortest waiting time was forty minutes.

The Volpaiute Ride I found was the most boring ride in the whole of the Port Aventura Park. Each carriage holds four people, my fiancé and I were sat with a man and his young son. The ride spins you around on the circle base plate that rises on one side to make the ride vertical and spins quite fast however there was very little excitement or rush on this ride and it was over within a few seconds. The man we were sat with commented to us about how boring the ride was and we defiantly agreed a real waste of time!

The Far West really does encompass a great range of the Wild West and America in general and has attractions that all of the family can enjoy.

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