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Experience Mexico in Spain

Mexico in Port Aventura  Photo, Salou, Spain

My fiancé and I were extremely excited about seeing the Mexico area of Port Aventura as we have always wanted to visit Mexico but have yet to do so. We wanted to experience the environmental features such as plant life, flowers and shows that encompassed the Mexican theme and we weren’t disappointed in the first two however as we went off season we found that the two shows in the Mexican area were not running that day and were both a little upset nevertheless we still enjoyed our time in the Mexico area of Port Aventura.

The whole of the Mexico area is stunning with extensive areas of plants and flowers and even a small water full and water feature giving the whole area a real feel of the jungles of Mexico. There is a super area where you can sit under ancient looking ruins and really believe that you are on a trek through this amazing area, you can also pose for photos on an abandoned safari truck. There are food kiosks and shops dotted around the area and you are never too far away from either which is handy if you need a snack or a toilet break.

There are six rides in the Mexico area, some are for younger children and others are for older children and adults. The feathered serpent has to be one of my favourite rides from this area of the park. This ride is almost impossible to find, the entrance is a small passage way in between the ride itself and a restaurant seating area and the ride is very hidden by the trees and plants. It was only by chance that I saw the queue. The ride has a totem in the centre and arms come off of this which is attached to seats that make the shape of a circle. These then rotate around at a medium to high speed. This ride would appeal to people who like being spun around and who do not feel too sick spinning around.

The Armadillos ride is a small mild ride specifically designed for small children with a maximum height of 1.40 m. Two children can sit in each armadillo, one behind the other. There are six Armadillos on the ride, each coloured with Mexican dress. The ride then rotates around the central ‘Armadillo handler’ and gently bounces up and down on the bumps. Young children were squealing with delight whilst on this ride and it was extremely cute to watch them enjoying themselves.

Another fantastic ride for children in this area is ‘the ponies’ ride. This ride allows children to ride on the back of a small pony around a Mexican jungle camp. The ponies trot along the track at a good speed and give children a big thrill. Children over 1.15 m can ride alone but under children 1.15 m need a grown up to ride with them. This ride also takes photos of the children as they ride around the track that can be purchased at the end of the ride.

Yucatan is a ride designed to through you around in your seat as much as possible. Whilst on this two seater ride you will be crushed, thrown and bounced around as the ride spins faster and faster over the bumpy track. My fiancé and I were so bruised after going on this ride but loved the thrill and excitement of trying to squash each other as much as possible. I would suggest that adults do not go on this ride with children as you cannot help but squash each other and slam into the sides of the seat which is extremely painful!

El Diable or the Devils Train is one not to miss. It is set further away from the rest of the rides down a long track and does get very popular. We had to queue for one hour to get on this ride. The train takes you on a jittery yet exciting journey through the abandoned mine, speeding its way high into the sky then plummeting down into the darkness of the mine. To ride alone you must be over 1.40 m and children between 1m and 1.40 m must be accompanied by an adult. This ride also takes photos and video footage that can be purchased at the end of the ride.

The scariest ride in the whole of the Port Aventura ride is located in the Mexico area. I refused to go this ride as I hate rides that drop you from a great height. Hurakan condor is a 100 metre free fall ride that will terrify even the bravest. You have to be between the heights of 1.40 m to 1.95 m to go on this ride and it is classed as an extreme ride. The ride has four seats that face outwards all with individual safety harnesses. You are slowly pulled up the 100 metres and are suspended at the top for a few minutes before letting you free fall down into ancient ruins. The screams from this ride were enough to send me running in the opposite direction. Queuing time for this ride was constantly over one and a half hours.

A great area of Port Aventura that the whole family can experience and that thrill seekers will love.

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