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Blumen-Maimarkt Photo, Cologne, Germany

The flower market is located right on the Neumarkt. Meaning it is very easy to get here. By car it is more difficult because then you would have to park in the parking garages in town and that's usually full. The public transport connection is great as you are in the city centre.

At the flower market you can find bedding and balcony plants, herbs, fruit and vegetable plants, houseplants, roses and much more.

How was been in Cologne before will know the Neumarkt as it is located in the city centre and almost hard to miss. It’s a large square which at the time of the flower market is unfortunately not completely covered with flowers as I would have imagine it. Only a small corner of the Neumarkt is used for the flower market. There are around 10 to 15 distributors or flower shops who have built up their stalls. But even this small area offers quiet a lot and looks really pretty. There is not a lot of space between all the stalls so it might be hard with a pram or wheelchair to get trough especially when it's busy there.

A big plus is the location because you have a lot of bars and café’s were you can enjoy a cup of coffee and of course cake. There is one café were they had delicious cake with the usual such as currants, blackberries, blueberries, and so on.

And then of course the flowers. Sure you also get flowers at the hardware store or garden center, but here on the market is really is the best of the best. Every flower looks beautiful with full in color and condition. Everything is really nice and fresh. I also think the prices are also very reasonable, if not cheaper than the garden centre. You get as geraniums, really nice and big with lots of flowers for € 2.50

The flower market is definitely worth a visit. You really get all kinds of plants. Everything is fresh, very well priced and you get things as various chili plants. I would have liked it to be a little bit larger but you will find everything you need.

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