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The Two Brewers Pub

The Two Brewers Photo, Essex, England


I have been to The Two Brewers public house many times now, sometimes just for a drink or two and often for lunch or dinner. In my opinion, and that of my husband, this is probably the nicest pub in the area in terms of comfort, and for a pleasant trouble free atmosphere, without it being too 'The Only Way Is Essex'. Admittedly though, my local area is one of the areas in England that has lost most of its pubs; one by one they disappear and very quickly too, over the last few years, as the land they stand upon is sold and they are then demolished and the ground becomes a building site which eventually yields brand new homes. Yes, people do need homes, of course they do, but I also feel the local populace need places to go and I feel it detracts from many areas when they no longer have a local meeting place.
It can be a problem finding decent places to go in the area and so I feel that really, The Two Brewers is one of the more pleasant pubs in the area.



Chigwell Village is approximately 11 miles North East of London, and has been described as 'the first village out of London'.

It is not known where the name "The Two Brewers" came from. There had been a brewery in Abridge in 1729, when its owner is said to have been the owner of White Hall. Abraham Oliver, brewer of Lambourne, occurs in 1808. During the later 19th century the brewery became the Abridge Brewery Co. which was later acquired by Whitbread & Co.


On entering the pub it does feel quite welcoming whatever time of year. In the winter it feels decidedly cosy in this part of the pub with its large fireplace glowing and dark furniture well placed around the pub.
The bar is large and well-staffed with a good choice of drinks available. When my husband asked about certain beers several small taster glasses were given to him to sample before he made his choice. The bar stocks lagers, cask ales and cider as well as wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Dogs, if kept under good control are allowed in the bar area and, as this pub is near to forest land, this is makes the pub a nice halfway house for dog walkers, although, I don't recall seeing canines in the bar very often.


The Two Brewers has a function room that seats between fourteen to twenty guests. This room makes an attractive setting for a celebratory meal; I have often seen it set out in readiness for a function.
The restaurant has tables to suit different party sizes and many of these tables are set in alcoves and afford a pleasant feeling of privacy.

In my opinion this restaurant offers some interesting and tasty vegetarian options.

It has a choice of smaller options for children.


Toilets are clean and well maintained and are also well stocked with soap. A disabled toilet is also available.


The pub and restaurant are on one level and I feel this makes the pub a good place to eat for those with mobility problems and for wheelchair users due to the ground being level, and also due to the choice of eating areas which leaves access for wheelchairs; space can be made at many of the tables for a wheelchair.

As already mentioned there is a disabled toilet in this pub.


The Two Brewers has its own car park for patrons.


The clientele varies throughout the day and Friday and Saturday evenings brings in more of a young crowd but I would still consider this mainly as a pub where groups of family and friends come to eat or enjoy a drink in friendly company.


The Two Brewers is a pleasant pub and pub/restaurant in a nice location which is easy to travel to.

In my opinion it's a nice place to go to with family for casual dining but also is suitable for a pleasant evening out with friends for a more 'special' occasion. I think you can dress casually here but also wouldn't look out of place if you dressed up a bit.

The Two Brewers, Chigwell is one of the better pub/restaurants in the area


The Two Brewers is in a good location as whether living near or further away the pub is close to underground stations (central line) and buses. It is easy to travel here by car and there is also a choice of several well established taxi firms close by.


Monday 11:30am - 11pm
Tuesday 11:30am - 11pm
Wednesday 11:30am - 11pm
Thursday 11:30am - 11pm
Friday 11:30am - 11pm
Saturday 11:30am - 11pm
Sunday 11:30am - 10:30pm


Two Brewers
57 Lambourne Road
Chigwell Row

Tel: 020 8501 1313

Fax: 020 8501 6351

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