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Shop until you drop

When in Glasgow I took the chance to do some clothes shopping as I needed some new summer clothes. My friends and I headed to Buchanan Street in the city centre as this is where the majority of shops are located.
There really is something for everyone on Buchanan Street with shops to cater for every budget and style.

House of Fraser stands at the bottom of the street and is a good place to have a browse. It is a massive department store that sells mainly designer clothing and has a large perfume and make-up section. There is also a yo-sushi and coffee shop in the store. Further along the street are a selection of high street stores such as new look and topshop as well as more upmarket shops such as l’occitane and Molton Brown.

At the top of the street is The Buchanan Galleries which is one of the largest city centre shopping malls in the UK. Inside the galleries are huge with a massive selection of shops. There is also a large John Lewis next to the Buchanan Galleries.

One of the things I like best about Buchanan Street and The Buchanan Galleries is that alongside there being a huge selection of shops the street also contains lots of flagship stores such as the Spanish brand Desigual and Hugo Boss which are the only shops they have in Scotland.

After you have tired yourself out with all that shopping there are plenty of places to stop and have a coffee or a bite to eat. There are several Starbucks as well as some independent places. The Royal Exchange Square is only a couple of minutes’ walk away and here there are loads of outdoor restaurants to choose from if it is a nice day.

Buchanan Street can get extremely busy especially on Saturdays. It is the busiest shopping street in the UK outside of London and it feels like it sometimes with the throng of people. Luckily because there are so many places to shop when you are in the shops they never really feel that busy and it is only when you step outside again that you notice just how busy it actually is.
There are normally street performers and buskers at several points along the street which add to the atmosphere and give you an excuse to stop for a few minutes.

Leading off the street are several alleyways which lead to other streets. Along these are market stalls where you can find interesting items such as handmade jewellery and candles.

For shopping Buchanan Street cannot be beaten as it has every kind of shop imaginable and the historic buildings make it a much nicer shopping experience than going to an out of town shopping centre. Just be prepared to bring your wallet and credit card when you come here.

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