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Tamarind Beach

Coral Nursey Photo, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Culebra is wonderful place to spend the day. Locals visit on the weekend so its best to go on the weekend. The earliest ferry from Fajardo leaves at 9:00am and the last ferry returns at 5:00pm. This may not seem like enough time, but it is. Staying overnight in anything less that one of the resorts that are off by themselves, puts you at the disadvantage of finding very few places in which to dine. All we found were fast food taco, Chinese and pizza restaurants. The hours are limited as well.

Culebra is more like two islands side by side and this is where the ferry arrives. The smaller island to the right, means you cross a small bridge. There isn't much here, all the beaches are on the other side. Each beach has a different function. Transportation is either by publicos which are a flat $3 or a rental golf car at a whopping $70 a day. Renting a bike for $25 seems like a good idea until you realize all the roads are hilly which is why mountain bikes and not beach cruisers are for rent.

I was given a ride to Tamarind Beach by Brandi from Culebra Hostel. She was spot on for taking me to a great place to snorkel. From the parking lot I head out towards the right where there was rocks and coral. Here I saw four cuttlefish that I hovered over for quite a while. As they changed colors from blue to red to silver, I had time to take a couple of video clips. They seemed to know I simply wanted to take it all it and meant them no harm. I bid them goodbye and floated off. As I admired the variety of small colorful fish I caught sight of a spotted eagle ray gliding effortlessly along the sea floor.

I came out long enough to drink some water and head out in the opposite direction where I quickly came to floor of sea grass. First one, then two, then three, then 20 something. Small turtles and big turtles, solo ones and pairs, eating grass and coming up for air ----- turtles everywhere. This must have been the results of the nesting from a couple of months ago. So many turtles so easily accessible was quite a treat.

I head up the road to the main road where I hopped to hail a publico. A fully loaded golf car passed by me and the one behind pulled over to ask if I wanted a ride. I happily accepted figuring they would take me to the main road, but as was typical with the people of Culebra, they took me all the way back to the pier. It was a nice way to end the day.

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