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Stay in Ronda`s parador

Ronda Photo, Ronda, Spain

This small town is located 130 kilometers from the capital of Andalusia in the direction of Africa and 117 kilometers from Malaga. In the center of a huge gaping "crack" the depth of 120 meters.
"New Bridge", built in the 18th century, is so monumental, that resembles a fortress wall.

Rhonda is good at any time of year. Landscapes, which opens your eyes are not real. But in the first week of September, a quiet town into a hive - Feria begins and Goyeska. With feriey all clear - drinking, singing and dancing about the same everywhere, and about the same. Bullfighting - a rare sight and this is especially famous for Ronda. Goyeska different from the rest of Spanish bullfighting no rules, and the external environment - the participants are sewn costumes from drawings by Goya. All are elegant and historically restrained.
It remains to add that the arena for a bullfight in Ronda - the first of those which still hold a battle, and one of the most prestigious in Spain.

Attraction to the "All Seasons" is the church of Santa Maria. How many churches and cathedrals of Spain, its architectural style - the collection of Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish preferences.

Usually, tourists come to Ronda for a day and do not stay for the night. Although, this is one of the pleasures - rent a room in the Parador on a cliff overlooking the Andalusian infinite distance.
Parador - a hotel chain in Spain, which has existed since 1928. Parador, as a rule, four-star and occupy the old monasteries, fortresses, castles and palaces. In Ronda parador - the building of the former town hall of the 18th century.

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