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A different seaside town compared with what I'm used to!

Due to my boyfriend living in Mundesley and two of our friends living in Cromer, it has become a place we go to quite often when I’m there. I come from a seaside town myself but Cromer is so different in comparison. Now known as the Gem of the Norfolk Coast, Cromer has a population of about 8000 which is a huge difference to the 32,000 who live in Cleethorpes.

Something that I didn’t know about Cromer until only last week was that it is famous for its crabs. Crab fishing forms the major source of income for local fishermen and there is even a small festival to celebrate the animal and the industry. Friends tell me that the cinema in Cromer shows some very strange films during the crab festival and they’re always interesting and strange. I would love to be there for this one year just to see what is being shown and to see how strange the film is. If you want to try some famous Cromer crab then you can do so in many of the local shops.

Although only a small place, there is still plenty to do and see. As I just mentioned, Cromer does have its own cinema, although cannot be compared to any of the bigger chains. This cinema only has 4 screens and while playing the newest films, they have to be moved around during the day to fit them all in. The cinema is extremely dated and could do with a massive upgrade (especially the colours and neon lights outside of the building). However, with the next nearest cinema being in Norwich, I wouldn’t complain about it too much. I think it’s great that such a small town has something for people of all ages to do.

Cromer is not a place well known for its upmarket pubs and clubs but that does not mean there aren’t any. At No. 98, you can have a fantastic night out and try some delicious cocktails. With well over 100 drinks to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. I loved going to No. 98 with my friends and being able to have a nice, relaxed night in the lounge downstairs. In the upstairs of the bar though is a club room and a dance floor. When the drinks are flowing and the night is getting late, this is the perfect place to go to let your hair down. Again, here there was a mix of ages drinking and having fun so it is not somewhere only for the younger people of Cromer.

A large part of the town is purely residential but once you get into the heart of Cromer, you will find all kinds of wonderful shops and things to see. For me, going to see the pier was high up on my list of things to do. In Cleethorpes, the pier is a nightclub so I wanted to see what another town did with theirs. Cromer’s pier couldn’t have been any more different. As I walked up the pier, I realised that at the very end, there was a theatre which I thought was amazing and so different to a club. Although I haven’t been to see anything there, I would very much like to depending on what is showing next time I am there. Also along the pier were people eating ice creams, children fishing over the sides in the hopes of getting a crab or two as well as people generally taking in the scenery. You don’t get anything like this on Cleethorpes pier so I thought it was lovely.

Speaking of ice cream… I have a massive thing about banana ice cream and I cannot seem to find it anywhere apart from in Cromer. I know Ben and Jerry’s do one but it’s not all that nice. In Cromer, right near the sea is a little window that sells fantastic ice creams. You can probably guess that one of these in banana. The first time I went here was in October and I didn’t care how cold it was, I was determined to have a scoop! Now, every time I am in Cromer during the day I make a point of going to visit this little window and getting my fix.

Something else that I love Cromer for is its bookshops, which might sound like a strange thing to be liked. My friend Kirsty pretty much took me on the Cromer tour of bookshops and showed me which the best are. There aren’t many current bookshops though and the majority are second hand or antique which is why I love them so much. I’m doing my dissertation next year on Fairy Tales and so far, have found a lot of my research in Cromer. I love looking around the old book shops and seeing what treasures they have for sale. Some of the books you can find are extremely old first editions though so the prices aren’t those of a charity shop.

Even if you don’t want to do some of the things I love doing here, you can still do the traditional seaside things. There are tacky souvenir shops where you can waste your money on tat as well as arcades which will eat up your copper collection. Whatever you want to do though, Cromer has fun things for all tastes and really is a gem to visit!

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