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The Atlantis casino and the Chihuly Instillations.

the ceiling Photo, Nassau, Bahamas

When Nick and I took the taxi tour part of the deal was 45 minutes at Atlantis. Nick loved to gamble so I think that is what won him over!

The casino.

The casino covers 7 acres of gaming fun. They host 100 tables that include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and mini baccarat. The casino is the largest in the Bahamas and offer 750 slot machines as well. If you prefer betting on games, the Pegasus Race and Sports Book will be glad to take your donation! If you are really good at this stuff then you may want to check out on of their tournaments. They host a number of them through out the year including poker tournaments or slots championships.

High rollers and rated players get the special treatment here. They get one of 41 VIP luxury suites located throughout the property. Cain at the cove is the ultimate luxury in paradise deal. It features poolside cabanas with a butler and top notch amenities. VIPS also receive special access to live performances at the Atlantis Live. If you are staying at the Cove, Cain at the Cove offers craps, blackjack, and mini baccarat. The Seaglass offers blackjack and roulette tables. You also have access to a casino host.

If you go to their website they have several offers on the website. You can even download a credit application so you are ready when you arrive. You can take a 3D tour of the casino. They also list any up coming tournaments or gaming events.

Chihuly at the Atlantis.

After Nick and I ran to the bathrooms and grabbed some snack. We took pictures at the massive sculpture that resides in the entranceway. Then Nick went on to the Blackjack table, while a gorgeous chandelier caught my attention. I inquire with the employee if the chandelier is a Chihuly. He gets a big smile across his face and tells me yes it as and compliments me on knowing my art. He starts to walk me towards the chandelier and is telling me about the instillation. When we get there he looks at my camera and tells me that I am welcome to take as many pictures of the art as I would like. He also tells me there is a book on the installations at the gift shop. He leaves me to enjoy the art.

In 1998 Sol Kerzner contacted him with the idea of the Temple of the Sun and the Moon. Dale normally does not work with themes but agreed to work with his request anyway. Over a 9 month period Sol would go back and forth between the Bahamas and Chihuly’s studio in Seattle. 3 weeks before the unveiling Sol contacts Dale to come down to Atlantis. Sol was unhappy with how everything looked and knew something else would be needed. Dale spent the day drawing up and conceiving the Atlantis Chandelier. He agreed to have it by opening night. It would mean that Dale would have to stay and worked in Atlantis. Sol agreed and even worked with Dale on the Chandelier.

There were 4 instillations at a cost of $1 million each. Each of the structures were made of free blown glass on steel armature.

The Crystal Gate was made from crystal glass. It contains 3100 pieces. It is 8 feet high and 9 feet wide.It weighs in at 2200 pounds.

Temple of the Sun mixes vibrant reds. It reminds me of the installation that is now at the Columbia Museum of Art. It contains 2300 pieces. It is 17 feet across. It weighs 11,200 pounds.

Temple of the Moon infused blue and white pieces that are similar to Dales Seafoams pieces. It contains 900 pieces and is a 23 foot globe. It weighs 9000 pounds.

The Atlantis Chandelier is a brilliant white crystal piece. It contains 900 pieces. It is 12 feet across and weighs 2500 pounds.

There are also 2 smaller pieces of Dale’s work located at the chandelier.

I enjoy admiring these beauties and the other art work that adorns the wall. Then I head out a back door that will take you to the pools of Atlantis. If you do not have a pass or a guest, you have very limited. Space to enjoy and take pictures. They give you enough of a glimpse to entice you to come visit so you can explore further. On the way back I decide to take a picture of the carpet. I love the colors and design. An employee gives me a funny look. I tell her I was told I could take pictures of the art and I didn’t think anyone would mind a picture of the carpet. She laughs and tells me it was fine that she had never seen anyone take a picture of the carpet.

I go back to the blackjack table and see if Nick is about ready. He goes to cash out and I run by the gift shop to check out the book. It is $50 so I leave it and go on out to the van, running into Faster Pussycat singer, Tamie Down, on the way out!

It looks like by pictures I have seen that the Crystal Gate should have been in the rotunda at the public entrance outside the hallway to the shops and the casino. There is an Egyptian dog statue there now. And according to the book it says it is located at the public entrance to the casino. There is no mention of the piece on their website. So I have no idea where the thing is and the employee said they had 3 pieces.

I also came home and went onto the Amazon website and obtained a copy of Chihuly Atlantis "used" for $3.24. When it arrived it was still wrapped in its packaging!

Again the public are welcome to enjoy the shops, restaurants, and casino here at Atlantis. The main casino is open 24/7.



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