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Casino Hopping in Biloxi

Animated Ice Skaters Photo, Biloxi, Mississippi

We stayed at the Treasure Bay and played the slots there as well. But one afternoon we went in search of other games to play and sights to see.

Our first stop was at the Beau Rivage. This place, located on the shore, made our hotel look very plain-Jane. The decor is more overblown, like you see in Las Vegas. In the lobby they had made effort to remind us Northerners that snow scenes were considered exotic here. Each of the snow and flower displays had a mechanicaly animated figure, such as ice skaters. We did like the fact that there were more shops here and a very good coffee house called Roasted Bean. The game floor was active and the players seemed to be having more fun than at Treasure Bay. How do they do that? It is the same machines and activity.

Nearby on the same side of the street, we checked out the Hard Rock Casino. For us the slots were more giving that at Beau Rivage. What we enjoyed the most were the glass cases housing costumes and memorabilia of famous Rock and Roll stars. One framed collage was made from ladies undies that had been thrown on stage when Frank Zappa performed. What a hoot! We had a good meal at the Hard Rock's 24/7 Grille. I was the afraid the music would be way too loud, as at the Hard Rock Cafes we have been in before, but I guess the sounds of the slot machines helped even it out.

In previous trips we had visited Boomtown Casino, where they have a good cheap buffet and a higher locals/tourist ratio. I heard they were back running at full force. We ran out of gambling money before we got over to visit it on the sound side of the island.

And that's my advice. Set a limit, enjoy the extras and have a good time.

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