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4-05-12, Thursday, Day Before Vacation

Well, the time to Spring Break vacation is down to one day. I recall when it was 6 weeks off and how far that seemed to be and that it would never get here - at least not at the pace I wanted it to. I'm glad that today is busy at work and I can count down the hours until the day is over. My wife feels the same way and unfortunately she has to work until 1:30 today; after which she will go home and pack. Packing for me will be tonight. Having been away so many times and over packing, I just want to remember to back less than what I usually do. I never wear all the clothes and I'd rather take stuff that I really need and not everything that I own.
I have checked the weather forecast for next week at the beach, and there is no prediction of rain and the temps will be in the 70's and low 80's which we were hoping for.
Our daughter-in-law told us on Monday that Will and Annabel ask everyday when they get out of bed "Are we going to the beach?" They also are ready for the trip and will provide many hours of enjoyment in and around the pool, playing mini-golf and all the other fun things there are to do at the beach.
The morning was supposed to be easy, at least it looked that way on the computer screen. But, on the day before vacation, things seem to happen. That "sore tooth" became one that had not one but two big cysts on the ends of the roots and fought me tooth and nail as I attempted to remove it. The darn thing had to be sectioned and picked out piece by piece; all the while the office manager worked in a broken tooth that wanted the crown done today. I felt my sanity being pulled from be by the suction and we still had others to see. Staying focused, we got through the hard spots and here I sit with a half hour free before lunch.
We have the afternoon to get through and it looks busy, and for that I'm grateful, and I will be focused on what we have to do. When the day is over, I will feel good for having done the right thing and wish the staff that I work with a safe week off too.
Today, I know that I am blessed for the profession that I am in, the people I work with being in my life and the patients that come in and trust their mouths to us. Life is good and what makes things sparkle so to speak, is my family. Most important is my wife, who has been with me for 36 years. Our son and his family are the joy of our lives and we love going on vacation with them.
I'm ready for time off at the beach and I hope to report exciting events over the next week.

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