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The Best Part of Jackson Hole is the Town Square

Antler Arch Photo, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We spent a day and a half walking around the heart of Jackson, WY. I love to shop and Bill does too...up to a point. At when he reaches that point, the commerce dept of Jackson, placed benches. Of course the prime photo-op are the antler arches on all four corners of the Square. They are a magnificent achievment of collecting, preparing, and weaving to form the free standing arches. Everybody wants to take a picture here.
Our first afternoon-evening walk about culminated at the Town Square Tavern for our evening meal. That was a big mistake. We had to climb a long flight of stairs. At the top was a dimmly lit sports bar with a very high noise level (and it was only 5:30pm). Maybe it was due to the noise level, but Bill's order was terribly messed up. He ended up with nothing on his plate that was edible.
The next day we continued our shopping and found some really nice pieces. One was a bison carved out of Picasso Granite. Another was a smokey topaz gem set in a silver cage like mount on a ring. Oh, it takes my breath away just looking at it. Primarily the shops catered to rich cowboys, lots of leather and suede fringe, big belt buckles, fitted cowboy shirts and boots...lots of boots. There were other fun purchases like taffy from a candy store and another charm for my necklace.
In the evening we walked out to The Bunnery a Bakery and Restaurant. We liked the menu and the choice of indoor or outdoor seating. It was mighty warm that afternoon so we settled inside. After we ordered a lady came along with mop and bucket filled with Pinsol and swabbed the floor around us. That triggered an asthma attack for me. We begged her to stop, but there must of been a language barrior because she took two more swipes. I had to go outside while Bill talked to the waitress about relocating us to an umbrellaed table on the patio. Neither of us remember if the food was good. I was too busy trying to breath again and Bill was suffering from the heat.

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