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The Breathtaking Masinagudi

Masinagudi Photo, Tamil Nadu, India

Masinagudi is the stretch between Bandipur national reserve forest and Madhumalai forest range, all of which is situated in the Western Ghats.Masinagudi can be reached by road from bangalore or Mysore.The road is good most of the way but once you enter the forest range there are a few potholes and one has to be very careful while driving at night. But once you enter the forest range one is least bothered about other things like bad roads because there is so much to see and absorb.One can see animals ,birds,wild squirrels, even snakes on the road. As we entered the reserve forest we were advised by the forest range personnel at the gates to drive very carefully taking care not to hurt or scare the animals away.

We were fortnate enough to see a couple of Panthers in their natural setting, and the endangered species of barking deer.It was also great to see an elephant family bathing and cooling off in a stream.

Masinagudi itself is a lovely place with an abundance of raw wild nature where one can go for long walks and generally relax amidst the wonderful bounty of nature.The place is simply amazing and most visitors tend to come back to the place again and again.We met a gentleman who has been visiting the place since 18 years.He was saying that after the initial few visits with family and friends , now he is much happier coming there alone, since he gets do what he wants without any interference from others.It is that kind of a place , complete in itself mesmerising you !

Most mornings in masinagudi are Cold, filled with mist , which slowly clears away.One can spend hours together watching this and also listening to the birds.Many people come to watch birds since there are many species of migratory birds coming there during different time of the year.It is advisable to carry a sturdy pair of walking shoes and a small umbrella or a rain coat since it rains without any warning .The best time to vist Masinagudi is from May to November after which the Eastern Monsoons set in and it becomes difficult to move about because of torrential rains.
We were told that there were a few tourists who came at that time of the year just to watch the rain from the resort and it must be quite a spectacle.

There are quite a few jungle lodges and guest houses in masinagudi , most of which are filled to capacity.So, one needs to book in advance.We stayed at one such place called Blue Valley Jungle Resort. The scenic Blue Valley Jungle Resort where we stayed for the weekend is situated on the slopes of Nilgiri hills also known as the Blue Mountains , which also has the famous hill resort Ooty nestling amidst the mountain range.There is also a jungle resort run by the governement authorities situated close to Blue Valley Jungle Resort.

The place can boast of one of the most breathtaking sceneries that is bound to stun the visitors.We were definitely more than impressed. One can hear the trumpet of elephants,tigers roaring and see plenty of deers and other wild life around the place since it is situated close to the Madhumalai forest range.As we took a walk through the jungle we got to see some amazing variety of wild orchids and other wild flowers some of which are not found anywhere in the world..

The facilities that the resort provided was inclusive of all meals, trekking and camping with the help of a guide and campfire at night with some entertainment for the guests.All in all it was excellent value for money .

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