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The free 'train' at the port Photo, Koper, Slovenia

While Koper isn't a large city, a little help can still go a long way when it comes to finding your way around. There aren't many signs that are in English, seeing that the community isn't really geared for toursim. There were several things which helped to make my stay a great one regardless, and I hope that others may find them to be valuable.

1. If you are arriving at the Koper Port, there is a 'little red train' which you can hop into and get a ride to several of the tourist destinations nearby. This tourist train is actually a modified vehicle which pulls along several open air cars along a set route. Riding on this train is free of charge for visitors, and is definitely a great way to get around on a budget.

2. If you are disembarking a cruise ship in Koper, there is a small information booth just before the exit gate. It's a good idea to stop here first and ask a few questions about the town, just to get an idea of the best ways to spend your day. I got a free map here from the lady at the counter, and it was a vital tool in planning out my time in the town.

3. When I arrived in Europe, the weather was still pretty warm. The night before the cruise started, cold winds blew in and I was caught unprepared. This meant that I needed to do a bit of clothes shopping, but Venice wasn't an ideal place to do so.

On arriving in Koper, I asked a local for a decent place to buy a jacket, and he directed me to a little shopping plaza, about a mile from downtown. I bought my jacket for 12 euros, and it was of a good quality and very comfy. However, while walking around in the main part of Koper, I noticed that the shopping scene was very expensive. Cold weather clothing were being sold, but for over 40 euros! If you need to buy anything other than small trinkets, you should get out of the main city and into the nearby suburbs.

4. The Koper Regional Museum is worth looking into, as it holds detailed information about the history of the town. There was an extensive archaeological collection which I found to be rather interesting. The best part of this attraction, was the fact that it was free on the day when I visited!

Koper proved to be the cheapest destination I visited while in Europe. I found deals everywhere, and the experience wasn't cheapened in the slightest. If anyone is planning to tour Europe, and would prefer to visit some of the less expensive destinations, Koper should be high on the list!

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