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Take the Metro

Iconic Metro sign. Photo, Paris, France

In London we loved the cab rides. In Paris we learned to love the Metro. Our hotel was a block from one station and two blocks from another. The price was right. Now all we had to do was get our courage up for the adventure. Tickets are needed to get through the turnstiles. Books of tickets can be purchased from vending machines. Sounds simple. Well, be prepared with the proper coins or you will slow down the line for the others. And remember to discard your used tickets as they won't work again and will cause a traffic jam if you try to use them by accident. The good news is: once you get by that turnstile you can ride all over the city for one low fare. The color coded maps are easy to understand, and you don't even have to try to pronounce the names of the stations. Some of the tunnels are decorated with poster art, some have elaborate tile decor. We felt completely safe even though we did see a few vagrants sleeping on the platform benches. Except for some very long stairways connecting tunnels, it was an amazing experience. Who needs taxis!

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