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Beaches and Hiking in Dubrovnik

View of the wall after the hike Photo, Dubrovnik, Croatia

After having a great lunch at Restaurant Antonini, Jennifer and I were feeling a bit stuffed. However, we weren't about to just sit around doing absolutely nothing! We ran into Kathrine, an American girl from our cruise ship and she asked if we were interested in following her down to a little pebble beach just below the entrance to the old town.

To get to the beach, we had to leave through the gate and walk down a small rugged path to the coast at the bottom. There were a few people around, who I assumed to be locals seeing that they were walking two very excited Labradors. After saying hello, we took a minute to appreciate the view. The pebbles along the shore were colourful, but the water although quite clean, wasn't the brilliant shade of blue that we saw by the harbour.

Even though the day was very sunny, it was still October in Europe and the temperature of the water was as cold as it should be. Jennifer and I, who live in a place which never experiences snow and where our beaches are warm all year round, could not bring ourselves to strip down and jump in! We settled for taking off our shoes, rolling up our pants and waded in for a bit, just for fun.

Kathrine on the other hand, was having none of this. She came prepared with a bikini underneath her clothes, and after we agreed to watch her clothes for her, she jumped into the frigid waters. While she swam around in the tiny beach, a local fisherman couldn't help but smile, as he fished from his perch on a wall. The beach would have been great during the Summer months, as there was a small cave nearby, which would have been cool to swim into.

After Kathrine came out and dried off, we decided to take a little hike up a path which we saw on the opposite side of the pebble beach. We went back the way which we came and soon after, we found the start of the path up the hill across from the beach. We passed a small jetty with many small boats, and several kayaks which were apparently used for a local tour company.

The route got steeper and steeper, and we huffed and we puffed. Eventually we reached the top of the path, where there was a small fortress. When we looked across the bay, we were treated to splendid views of the Old Town, and the rest of Dubrovnik in the distance. The red roofs of the houses dotted the landscape, bringing colour to the otherwise brown and craggy hillside.

After taking photos, we decided to go back down using another path. This way gave us another great view of different part of the city, and seeing that we were quite a way up, we felt as though we could see almost everything! The waters of the Adriatic Sea were of a deep blue shade, and waves foamed as they crashed against the jagged cliffs of the coastline. We could see our cruise ship from our position, and even from such a distance away, it looked huge in the small harbour.

This new path took us through a small community with pretty homes complete with potted plants, trimmed shrubbery which grew in the stones near the front door and shutters of every colour imaginable. We didn't see any other tourists at all during our walk, as everyone else seemed too tied up within the walls of the old city.

Eventually, we ended up near to the bus stop where local and tour buses lined up to take visitors back down to modern Dubrovnik. We hopped unto a local bus and after 10 minutes, we were back to our ship. All in all, it was a great day spent in the Old Town, and I hope to return in the near future.

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