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Nightlife on the High Seas

The Great Ice Show Photo, Italy, Europe

The party scene on any cruise depends on the age demographics of the passengers onboard. Luckily for me, there were enough youths and people young at heart, to have a great time in any club or bar every night of the trip. The cruise newspaper, known as the Cruise Compass would advertise the different events which would take place later, and most people would show up for a night of drinking and partying.

My favourite nightly haunt was called The Vault, and from 10pm it was always packed. The music was a mix of Hip Hop and Pop music, and the DJ kept playing all the latest hits to keep everyone on the dancefloor. People were having such a great time, that many persons were sweating regardless of the fact that the room was air conditioned.

If a laid back evening is more your 'thing', each night there were several bands playing throughout the ship in different bars and lounges. I attended a Jazz carbaret one night, which was rather lovely. The music was catchy, and several couples hit the floor which was great fun to watch. These shows usually last an hour, so be sure to arrive early.

Dress Code:
Most people in the night club and bars were dressed nicely. I would go as far as saying that semi formal attire is preferred, and would definitely allow you to blend in with the other guests. For the guys, a button down shirt and slacks would suffice, and the ladies were usually in dresses with heels or cute flats.

Almost any drink imaginable can be obtained at all the bars onboard the cruise ship. This is, of course, one of the major avenues where they tend to get the most cash out of the passengers. Royal Caribbean doesn't hold back with the alcohol either, so be careful of the potency! Be prepared to spend anything between $3 to $6 for a beer, and slightly more for cocktails and other mixed drinks.
Tips and gratuities are automatically added to your bill, so don't feel obligated to hand out big tips unless the service was stellar.

What sort of cruise line would not have a giant casino onboard? The Voyager of the Seas does not disappoint in this area at all. The casino huge, with two floors and is as glitzy and loud as they come. It is also heavily staffed, so there are always willing staff to help you with any difficulties you may encounter while playing the seemingly hundreds of slot machines, or the many table games.

There are production shows every night on the Voyager of the Seas. Hard working crew members try their best to impress with their dance moves, costumes and vocal talents to ensure that you are
sufficently entertained. I personally loved the Ice Show production which featured international professional skaters. It was definitely something to remember!

Regardless of your personal preference on how to spend your evenings, the Voyager of the Seas has ample options to choose from. Whether it be dancing under the stars, watching a movie, singing along to bad karaoke or taking a chance in the casino, something will grab your attention!

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