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Awesome Crew Onboard the VOS

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When you're on a cruise ship, you are dependent on the staff and your fellow guests in order to have a great time. When most people research the service on a ship, some may expect a butler to tend to their every whim and fancy, while others are more concerned with reviews about the people who are in charge of running the child care center.

Onboard the Voyager of the Seas, I am pleased to say that I had a great time, and that every staff member that I came into direct contact with were friendly, helpful and courteous. This went a long way, in helping me to enjoy my time onboard and lots of great memories were created.

In the dining rooms, the main staff members which guests interact with would be the waiters and a few entertainment staff members. The waiters which served my table were always attentive, and the meals always arrived hot from the kitchen. Regardless of the fact that they were busy, they would take the time to ask about your visit to the last port, and whether or not you had a good time.

The cruise director was quite an engaging character. I was seriously impressed with the amazing job that he did during our week, seeing that he had to literally race around the ship to introduce the shows, make an appearance at bingo and other events, which basically all take place during the same time period. He made crowds laugh repeatedly at his jokes and antics, and seemed to really love his work.

The room steward was a really nice guy as well. From the very first day when we came oboard, he knocked on our door to introduce himself to us, and to wish us a safe and enjoyable trip. He explained to us how to reach him if we needed help with anything in the room, which we never needed to do since he did such a good job. For the entire time, he only called us by our first names, and the extra effort added a lovely personal touch.

Now, here's the part where most people usually go to war with the cruise staff! The dreaded front desk experience where so many verbal battles are fought on a daily basis on any given cruise. I can safely report that I had only good experiences with dealing with the staff on duty at the front desk. They were always patient, soft spoken and well mannered, and I think that they really did try their best to help in whatever case they were helping me with.

On a whole, I had a perfectly good time onboard the Voyager of the Seas, and a substantial part of that was due to the friendly crew onboard. Of all the six cruises that I have now been on, I enjoyed interacting with the staff on the VOS the most.

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