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NIght of the Iguana

Night of the Iguana Photo, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

What a way to begin a much-needed rest. The flights land into Liberia late in the evening and of course, mine was late. For the first time, I didn't have accommodations arranged. Contrary to what I had read, the cost of a taxi into the center of town was a whopping $20, if I knew where I was going. I talked to someone at the information booth about hostels and she said the bus outside would drop me off in front of Mussmoni but it would be a 45 minute wait. I waited, boarded the bus and told him where I wanted to be dropped off. Fortunately, I had spoken to a security guard previously about my plans and he came over to translate my unacceptable Spanish. Less than 30 minutes later and 50 cents less, I got off the bus across from Mussmoni.

The place looked liked a single story donut shop. Figuring there must be something in the back, I inquired as to whether there was a place to sleep. Apparently not, so she motioned with her hand the direction and number of blocks to where I could find some accommodations. My bag feels really heavy right about now and I have been "traveling" for over 12 hours now.

After passing on three places for various reasons, I wound up crashing at Posada del Tope. It was a tiny room with a twin side bed and no windows, but a very high tin ceiling. I was just on the other side of the office were the television obviously played to keep the office guy awake.

As I began to drift off to sleep I heard what sounded like fingernails quickly scraping on something like tin. It wasn't a super high sound, but it was unnerving. I heard it several times. It now sounded as if something was being chased by something making an equally scary sound. I realized the sound was coming from above my head and that something was running across the tin roof. The scratch sound indicated it couldn't be a human being running from the law or similar. Now I am assured there not just a tin roof over my head but thin pieces of tin with edges that could possible fall onto my head with critter atop. Something could crawl through the overlapping edges to find comfort with me while escaping eluding its predator.

Fine, I accept my fate, now get it the whole scenario over with so I can go to sleep. Eventually I did just that.

In the morning I was going to try to catch a bus to the hot springs so I had no time to look around and was going to pay for another night. I requested another room due to the noise above. The clerk agreed but walked outside with me across the street and pointed to the roof. There sat a large iguana sun bathing. His attempts to get warm at night was what I had heard. Nonetheless, my night of the iguana was over.

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