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Fremont Street Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

When you think about Las Vegas, you automatically think about spending money because of the gambling and the big budget shows, but Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact there are a lot of things in Las Vegas that you can do for free.

-Bellagio Fountains-

The huge man-made lake in front of the Bellagio hotel transforms into a free show throughout the day. It is probably one of the most iconic things in Las Vegas and is definitely worth a visit. The show consists of canons shooting water into the air to music and it is sort of like a dance. The music is well thought out and we particularly enjoyed it when the jets of water shimmied to ‘Luck Be A Lady’. The show takes places every thirty minutes during the day and every fifteen minutes once the sun has gone down. It lasts about eight minutes and is better after dark.

-Mirage Volcano-

This is another free show that takes place outside of a hotel and is well worth a watch. It takes place on the hour every hour from 8pm and lasts about fifteen minutes. There is generally a crowd of people waiting before it starts so if you want to get a good front row place you are better getting there around ten minutes early. The display is excellent and will please all ages of visitors.

-Lions At MGM Grand-

There are currently two lions living in the enclosure at the MGM Grand and you can walk through a glass tunnel to get a good view. It’s a very busy exhibit so you may have to queue to get to the front. There is also a gift shop nearby where you can get all manner of souvenirs. There is a sign on the front that tells you when the feeding times throughout the day are.

-The Sirens of TI-

This is a pirate related performance that happens in front of the Treasure Island hotel twice a night. It is again very popular and lasts a lot longer than the other shows at about half an hour. It involves singing, dancing and two huge pirate ships moving towards each other for the ultimate firework accompanied finale. To be honest I thought it was pretty lame and about halfway through I began to wish that I wasn’t in the inescapable middle of the crowd. Other people seemed to enjoy it though so maybe it was just me.

-The Fremont Street Experience-

Away from The Strip (but close enough to get a fairly cheap bus ride there) you’ll find Fremont Street in old Las Vegas. It is absolutely definitely worth making the effort to get here because the light show is fantastic. Every hour on the hour, all of the lights go out on the casinos on Fremont Street and the roof lights up in a show that will entertain you no end. The roof is actually a huge arch that is covered in over two million lights and the street is lined with huge speakers. You might get a little bit of neck ache, but it is worth it!

So like I said, Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact it can be the exact opposite and you can still have a great time in fabulous Las Vegas!

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