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Liberty in Jelly Beans Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

There are so many options for dining out or eating on the go in Las Vegas that it is hard to know where to start, but here are a few suggestions:

-Eating at a Buffet-

Buffets are one of the dining experiences that Las Vegas is famous for and there is no shortage of options. Probably the most famous, and arguably the best, is the Buffet @ The Bellagio. We actually tried to go to this one twice but the queue the first time was so long that we opted out that time. We found that going a bit later the following day (after 8pm) meant there was no queue at all. It was worth it when we got in there because the choice was amazing – fresh shellfish, a carvery selection and a counter full of puddings that will make your eyes pop! It’s not as expensive as you’d imagine either at around $30 per person. The surroundings are surprisingly basic and plain though.

We also enjoyed the buffet at The Flamingo, which is cheaper, plainer but no less plentiful. Like the Bellagio, this one had a long queue to get in before 8pm, but unlike the Bellagio, you could pay an extra $5 per person to skip the line. The buffet here is about $20 per person (excluding the queue-jumping fee), which is extremely reasonable I think considering the choice of delicious food that is available.

-Finer Dining-

There are again lots of choices for something a bit more upmarket, no matter what nationality of food you are in the mood for. I can heartily recommend the restaurant at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in Paris hotel. The food is absolutely delicious and well prepared. I had salmon and it was perfect. It’s not cheap though and the service is lame to say the least. The lady that served us was not very welcoming and in fact was quite rude. Annoyingly because there was more than five in our group, we were forced to give a 20% tip. Nevertheless the food and the general atmosphere were good enough to make up for this.

-Food on the Go-

As you would expect, there are so many fast food restaurants on and around the Las Vegas strip that you are indeed spoilt for choice. There is a McDonalds restaurant right next to Hurrah’s hotel that is very popular but large enough to accommodate this. If you can’t decide exactly what it is you want, you can head up to New York, New York where there is a food hall. Here you can grab Chinese, Italian or American food and there is a fairly large area to eat it.

-For Those with a Sweet Tooth-

Again you are spoilt for choice here too, whether it is sweets, cakes or ice creams that float your boat, you’ll find it in abundance on the strip. One of the most popular places to get sweets is from the M&M shop where you fill find your favourite chocolates emblazoned on all manner of souvenirs. The star of the show though is the help yourself area at the back where M&M and M&M Peanuts are sorted into colours and, quite literally, on tap. If you prefer jelly beans head across the road to New York, New York, where you’ll find the Jelly Belly shop, fronted by a huge Statue of Liberty made from jelly bean sweets.

If cakes are your favourite, there is a great little patisserie type shop in the entrance to the Bellagio where the choice is mouth-watering. Always one for a bargain though, I have to tell you that you can head across the road to the coffee shop in Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon, where you will find exactly the same selection of cakes for a much lower price!

So, like I said, you are spoilt for choice, no matter what you want in Las Vegas. Even here I have only covered a small selection of the options available, there is so much more and most hotel rooms will have a free magazine inside them that lists almost every eating establishment in the city, so it is worth picking one of those up if you can.

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