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Hiring a car and driving to Ston

Dubrovnik to Ston Photo, Ston, Croatia

We had enquired at the Argosy Hotel reception about hiring a car and they confidently told us that this could be arranged by them with one days notice. All we had to do was decide which class of car we wanted to hire and specify the delivery time. The hire company delivered the car to the hotel and we met the representative from the hire company in the hotel lobby shortly after breakfast. The registration process was quick and painless but we did have to pay for the hire in cash. Fortunately it only amounted to about 50 euros although we paid in Croatian Kuna. This only gets you a Chevy Spark but for the return trip to the peninsula, it did the job.

It take just under an hour to reach Ston, which is the gateway town to the Peljesac Peninsula. In Ston we stopped at the tourist information office and picked a map, which shows roughly where the wineries are located although most are well signposted along the road. We had heard that the roads on the peninsula were in poor condition but found most routes to be well maintained and easy to drive. We focused on the south edge of the peninsula and some of the roads leading down to the harbour villages have a few narrow switchbacks but as long as you slow down and keep to the speed limit you should be fine.

We found that Croatian drivers have little patience for those adhering to the speed limit on the main road between Dubrovnik and Ston. Given that much of this coastal route runs parallel to a cliff face it’s probably wise to keep to the speed limit and resist the temptation to match the locals. We also saw two police speed traps on the way there and the way back.

When we got back to Dubrovnik we had to fill the tank up, which only cost about £10. We didn’t see any petrol stations as we drove back to Babin Kuk so had to return to our hotel and ask them where they are. There are two petrol stations close to the new harbour but otherwise we didn’t see any along the main road.

We returned the car keys to the hotel reception and the car was collected by the hire company the following morning. All in all it was a fairly painless process and if you feel comfortable driving abroad, I would highly recommend it. The roads are fairly quiet and there was a good map in the hire car to help us along the way.

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